Monday, February 12, 2007

Writing exposed

After making a few rounds of offline entries, which I call them my "Thoughts on Paper" (even though it's not literally on paper, but you get it), I still find myself staring blankly into the pc screen for quite a bit till I finally manage to construct a whole sentence. The idea of sharing my thoughts with the public is still quite apprehensive to me. The truth is, i'm never quite public when it comes to my stances and that i'm also not usually very articulate in expressing my views and afraid that it might come out OFF. But then again, I guess soon enough I’ll get used to it. (Thanks to a friend who gave me the nudge).
I was once told not to worry about writing, it's not the quantity that matters. What matters most is that it comes from your heart. Just write. You’ll never know that when you start writing something, and inspiration just comes down like a torrential downpour, and you’d enjoy it! Well, i'm not gonna put down my Thoughts on paper entries cuz they are personal but hey, what do you know I am officially a blogger now! Congratulations to me! :)