Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A quick post

.. to inform that i won't be updating my blog for a bit (at least not till next week). So do take care, read more good books, eat healthy, be nice to each other and watch your steps (i can still feel the pain on my ankle sometimes from falling down the stairs a while ago). See you soon! xoxo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To snack or not to snack?

peaking of the rising prices of stuff, i was out to do some shopping and made a stop at the pharmacy for some Dettol wipes and lip balm. That's when the husband pointed it to me in disbelief.

RM4.98 for a packet of candy bar?? I mean, if the price was RM3.50 is tolerable. Still expensive, but tolerable. But RM4.98? I almost cried. Ok drama, but seriously, gila mahal nak makan Snickers!

I always keep a Snickers bar somewhere in my house/the office (last time) because i get this sudden tremble from hunger (i call it the starvation attack) sometimes which nobody can explain to me so far - even if i just had breakfast/lunch like 20 minutes ago. My body would still be shaking, literally especially the hands. Some say i have high metabolic rate but i honestly have no idea if that was true. Dad was worried that i might have diabetes but that have been checked. Anyways, whenever it strikes, i would stuff myself (usually) with Snickers bars or cookies or whatever i can get my hands on till it stops (just food though, no pencils or keyboards have been damaged so far. So don't worry). It will normally take like 2 bars of Snickers, so now it'll cost me RM10 per attack?? Gosh. Isn't that a costly cure.

We later got to the supermarket, Jusco was offering RM2.09 for a pack of Snickers for their members, but since my membership expired like eons ago, it was RM2.70 for us. Even so, we still bought 10 packets. Almost got the whole box, no kidding. But we decided not to be kiasu and leave some for you guys instead. Hehehe.. (read: not enough $$). I just hope that that price stays only in the pharmacy.

If not then i guess, no Snickers on a regular day. Have to save those for the attacks. Sigh.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Start 'em young

Hey guys, Green diapers. Have you heard? With the major pinch of the current rising prices on stuff (thanks to the petrol price hike), this is something that you mothers out there can consider to save $$ on diapers for your young-lings and at the same time help preserve the environment too!

A true Malaysian product designed by a lawyer, Pn. Azrina Azmi who came up with the
ingenious invention to help reduce the ever distressing pollution crisis (Malaysia Boleh!). It's cost effective, practical, safe, environmentally friendly (of course) and there are lots of colours to choose from!

My personal fave are the baby blue, lavender and raspberry.
Butter looks yummy too.

Check out the article Green Diapers on Star Online and the website Freshbots for more info.

Go green and instil that green mind in your kids while they're still young. Cheers!

[useless info: Lady Q was a member of the PREPEC (Preserve Planet Earth Club) in her school days. Even held an important position too! Heh.]

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is this your paradise?

I was asked to give a hand at her video certification shoot by this part-time gym instructor friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. It was a 60-minute stint and to be honest, it was my first experience stepping into a fitness club, that day. Wow, was i impressed with the people working diligently on the machines to stay in shape. I must admit that it did made me feel like working harder on my body (from home), if not sign up for the classes at the club!

As much as being the health-conscious person that i am, i don't go to the gym. Don't get me wrong, not that i am fully contented with the way i look, nor i have anything against those who work out at the gym. (Trust me, i have nothing but envy and utter admiration against those who gets to go the gym for a better build especially earning $$ to boot).

I get lots of questions as to why am i not a member despite being a close friend to a gym instructor.
So here's why:
1. i can't afford to be a member (i have other priorities on my list) especially now that i no longer attached to the company that subsidise the membership fee.
2. i was afraid that i'll be paying the fees but ended up not going or going only like once a month (because i'm shy? or just plain antisocial sometimes). So that would be a waste. And
3. i don't see going to the gym as the only way to stay healthy or get in shape. It helps, yes. But it's not the only means. Just imho.

So right now, i'll stick to my own weight-lifting routines (which i started since college days because i thought, i mean, i knew i was too skinny and wanted to -konon- improve my physique ;) - which i work at the convenience of my own time & pace if i may add) and the power walks that i do with my other half (when he's in the right mood) at our favourite park nearby - which reminds me, it has been a while now. I'll show you the next time because right now, i need to make a short run to the kitchen and put all that biceps and triceps (or whatever that is there) into whipping something up before he comes home. (Oh and plus, i now have a copy of the weight-lifting dvd, courtesy of the instructor friend :D)

In the mean time, stay healthy guys! Eat more veggie. That will help too ;)

p/s: in case if you're wondering, the title is given based on one of the tracks during the class.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wesak day casualty photos

The aftermath

See how it hit right on the A-pillar?
Can u imagine if it had hit right in the middle of the door instead?
I can't...

The smashed lamp post
(In the background l-r: the car, the other victim - the passenger & a rescuer with his car)

With part of the rescue team
(My brother tried to capture me in the moment. Me, trying to act as casual as i possibly can - which i obviously failed because i don' t normally do the peace sign thing.)
Peace out!

p/s: David Cook won the idol, heh.. (and by 12 million votes!) Yay!