Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the love of Shoes...

I used to have the love for shoes and never really was a bag person. But after my first designer bag, i became sort of hooked and stopped getting shoes for a while ( beacause designer bags aen't cheap, right?). Bought a few during trips that i seldom ever use anymore. I guess it's the hassle of having to change from one bag to another to match my outfit is what i don't have the patience for. I'd rather stick to a basic piece and have my shoes changed instead (it's a lot easier that way!) that is, until i discovered some sort of crackling sound of one knee, followed by some pain that got me checked in into a podiatry clinic one day.

The results weren't good but the remedy was even worse! I am NOT to wear regular shoes anymore and they had a pair of othortics made for me that day *cries. I don't mind the othortics, really. What bothered me was how much money i had to pay for it and the shoes! Running shoes?? Oh, come on! U don't expect me to wear running shoes everyday? When i'm NOT running or brisk walking?? That's Fugly! And it isn't just running shoes, of course. It has to have a certain characteristics to it. A hard part to protect the bone above the heels, a broad base and a suitable contour for my feet, among other things. In short, expensive! The brand Brooks  was recommended.

I calmed down a bit when the podiatrist finally said that i could bring some of my own shoes or find some other "special" shoes out there that fit the criteria and that they would fix the othortics. Of course i went for the cheaper option first and when none of them were right (but, of course -__-), i went to search for some decent looking casual ones, at least that are easy on my eyes and had found 2 mary janes from Foot Solutions that aren't so bad. The guy told me that my doc (are podiatrists considered doctors? Some say like chiropractors, they aren't) well, he is a bit particular than others and will only approve of one (which in my untrained eyes don't fit me that well) and he was right! It was a no-no!

I found a pair of Brooks selling at a discount by chance one day, and guess what? This time they aren't the right size to fit in the othortics and i couldn't return them! Man this was tiring! And then, i was introduced to this little miracle worker by my husband's cousin...

Fitflop!! They aren't the prettiest thing on earth but they are magic! I gave them a try but did not feel the difference immediately, i must admit. I read these benefits some people are singing praises for but i didn't immediately fall for it. But i decided to give it a go because with the price of ONE pair of "special" shoes, i could get 2-3 Fitflops! Only after the 3rd week of wearing them almost religiously do i began to feel an ease on the knees (with the help from going to reflexology too i guess). I no longer feel the pain after walking a distance as i did before. My condition was so bad before, it came to a point where i had to have a stool/a chair EVERYTIME i perform prayers! Now, not anymore! (InsyaAllah, touch wood!). I can perform solat like a normal person again! This has made me so happyand relieved because i cried at times not knowing if i was ever able to sujud normally again. (And i was very down thinking that i should have done my prayers more diligently when i was younger healthier.. *sniffs..). Mum said to make peace with the chair when i refused at first, ".. or at least until your condition gets better", my other half added. I guess this served me as a reminder. We sometimes don't appreciate what we have until we no longer have it and i am thankful to be reminded even in a painful way. Alhamdulillah :")

I don't know if the podiatrist will approve of this but i don't really care what he thinks anymore. I still have the othortics-uncut stored in my shoe room store room and i still wear my regular shoes occasionally but the Fitflop is my staple footwear now. Checkout Fitflop here.

I even think my bum is smaller now, if not tighter! :P I'm thinking of getting another one soon to achieve the model's bum. Haha.

** Oh, the other day, i was admiring one of my customer's shoes when suddenly my assistant shot me down with, "Akak, akak tu sakit lutut.....".   -____-    Such a killjoy!
*Disclaimer: This post is not an attempt to announce that i perform the solat. I am merely telling my experience, in case anybody is sensitive to the subject. You know who you are ;)