Monday, March 31, 2008

Just a short one

I wanted to put up posts about my being away (KK-KL, KL-JB, JB-SG, SG-JB, JB-KL), but the house is screaming for my attention after being left for a week. Will do it later when i'm done with the crucials :)

Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Asexual - A new sex orientation??

I thought 3 orientation was more than enough - straight, gay & swinging both ways!

I stumbled upon an article about this while browsing thru magazines when i was out doing my hair this afternoon and find it rather interesting. They are people who do not experience sexual attraction. Seriously? Some people just haven't any libido in them?? I mean, really?? I understand celibacy or people who are traumatic from being sexually abused during childhood, or people who are medically challenged but i, for one find this Asexuality just too confusing.

Okay, first of all i have trouble understanding the definition. It says that Asexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction. And at the same time it also states that while some has never or experience very little attraction, many experience the attraction but feel that they do not need to act out that attraction sexually (not the same as a platonic relationship). Do they experience sexual arousal you ask? The answer is YES, some of them do. So what do they do when they are sexually aroused?? Since they claim that each Asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently, and that they feel that they do not need to act out that attraction sexually, i thought maybe they paint or bake to fulfill the urges. :p However, according to this article i read further online, some of them masturbate occasionally. But they just don't see the need to get a partner for the urges. (Umm, isn't masturbating is an act to achieve sexual gratification?) It's pretty sexual if you ask me. Therefore i don't see any difference in the way they manage the the arousal because that's what some of the non-asexuals do too - when they haven't any partner or have no desire to perform sex with their partner etc.

So what is it exactly then? Are they saying that Asexual people are that of those who do not see themselves as having to engage in sex with another individual? Or that those who simply find sexual behaviour unappealing? If that's the case then, i THINK i get it.

Secondly, as much as these are group of people who does not appeal to sexual behaviour in their daily lives, my opinion is that it is more of a condition (or more like a dysfunction) instead of a sex orientation whereby the Asexuals prefer doing something else rather than having sex, given that Asexual people who experience attraction will often be attracted to a particular gender, and will identify as gay, bi, or straight. The article says so. Maybe they basically don't feel like having sex more often than they do as compared to most SEXUAL people or for a much longer period of time. But despite the duration, a similar situation nonetheless. So why is there another category or orientation altogether? Perhaps i need to be further enlightened.

There's actually a Web resource striving to create open and honest discussion about asexuality among asexual and sexual people alike called AVEN - Asexual Visibility & Education Network. And you can read more about Asexual people here.

[I imagine myself saying something like this the next time i'm not in the mood, "I feel rather asexual at the moment.." but of course this will be considered utterly incorrect by the proclaimed Asexuals :)]

And we thought asexual is only associated to the reproduction of a single-celled micro organisms like the amoeba. Hahh! (Science subject form 1 dulu.. ingat tak??) Anyhoo, here's a sneak peak at my new do.. hehehe..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well said

The pandemonium over the general election results are beginning to be too unsettling and exasperating, don't you think? All i have to say is that the writer of this article says it all. Once your fate had been decided what else can you do? Well, best is to admit the defeat and walk off gracefully.

Click here for the full article.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

No rice for dinner

This was announced by my Mr. the other night while having our usual staple food during dinner lately. He told me that he wanted to start watching his weight. I could not believe my ears! I thought it was all a dream because i have been trying to get my point across all this while but he said the expanding waistline was a sign of "PROSPERITY" and that i've been feeding him well (pandai,la kan). So when his heart had finally opened to go on a diet, as a good wife, what am i to do but support his WISE decision, right? ;) (i didn't wanna make fun of it because i was afraid that he would change his mind). I need to be more creative now, i thought. So the next day i started googling for recipes to add to my existing collection.

Today, i took the liberty to prepare one of his favourite dish, Roti Jala for dinner (and not to waste the curry i've cooked earlier). Mum-in-law got me the pan and the err.. yellow plastic scoop not long ago (i don't know what it's called, that yellow thing made of plastic with holes at the bottom and a handle to scoop the batter to form the jala) because i once told her i wanted to learn to make them (very thoughtful of her, or could it be that she wanted me to walk my talk.. kekeke). Called mum for the recipe this morning and this was how it turned out the first few attempts:

(i know, i know, it's not suppose to look like this. The batter was a bit too thick at first.
Imran said it's more like roti bintik2. Hahaha)

After the ball's rolling, i finally get them to look the way they are supposed to.
Well, more or less.

(My brother came by with the wife and his brother-in-law, Imran to get me help babysit his son - which i love doing by the way, and i'm not sure whether to say it's langkah kanan or langkah kiri for them..hehehe)

Imran came in and wanted to try his hand at it and this is his product.
Slightly off, but not bad. Haha!

But the STAR of the evening was this guy, not only he loves eating them, he actually knows the technique to making them! Impressive!

Ingatkan tau makan je...

Learn from the pro!

I now know that not only the batter should not be too thick, you shouldn't hold the yellow scoop too high up, and swirl it slow and steady in order to get that Roti Jala look. (Well, it was my first time and was nervous too, hence the speed).

Hullabaloo in the kitchen over the Roti Jala

Almost done now..

Voila! Served with chicken curry.
(Not bad for a first time, eh?)

I'm glad they enjoyed it. Everything was gobbled up. And therefore i think it was a success. :D

Thanks mak for the the apparatus and mum for the recipe!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 - Visit Kelantan Year

Hubby and I went to Kelantan to visit his brother's family recently. They moved to Kelantan a few months back before the wife gave birth to a baby boy in Jan. The poor baby has been in & out of hospital since the day he was born due to some complication. They did a lumber puncture but still could not identify the problem. He suffered some kind of fits from time to time and at times his face turned all red as if he was choking. But thank god he's all better now. He still have to go for follow ups but he's fine.

Anyways, given that the trip was decided at the last minute, i didn't have ample time to gather enough info as to where we should stay and places we could go. In the end we stayed at this old hotel -Perdana Hotel. Renaissance was out of the question as the rate was RM280 per night. Luckily when we arrived at the airport i found out from the brochures (that's when i found out it was Visit Kelantan Year.. haha) that the hotel was a mere 5 minutes walk to the cultural centre. The events for that evening include top spinning, kite flying and playing the rebana so i thought it was a good idea to check it out and snap some photos. So after lunch at Bro-in-law's place at Kubang Kerian or should i say, Kube Keghie hehehe.. we headed for the hotel. It was a run down hotel and i was already feeling bad because i am guilty for the reservation.. Money not well spent. Note to self: The Grand Riverview for next visit.. if there's another visit.

I must say it was the longest 3-day trip i've ever been on... there's nothing much there (well, not many places to go in JB too). Apart from the cultural show that we were SUPPOSED to go (we fell asleep), we only went to see some places of worship, a pasar malam that opens every night (Wakaf Che Yeh) and the Pasar Siti Khadijah for some keropoks and scarves. I know there are places of bargain like the Pengkalan Kubor and Rantau Panjang but we're not there to shop so those places were not of priority. They have museums of course, but Dad took me there once when i was in Form 1.

That morning we went to the Pasar, i thought leaving the hotel at 9am was a good idea. So after breakfast we went to the city but to my surprise most of the shops were closed! So we decided to have a drink while waiting. By 10.30am, most shops (at the dry market) were still closed so we ended up buying stuff from those that were already open and not to wait any longer. After having done our shopping i was astounded to see the shops were finally opening. That was 12 noon! Berniaga setengah hari je??... that's odd.

We then made our way to Tumpat to visit this 40m of reclining Buddha that is believed to be the largest in Southeast Asia. After studying the map, we made our way to Tumpat and started looking for signages to this temple called Wat Photivihan (given that it's Visit Kelantan Year proper signages are expected to these places of interest, right?.. Well, WRONG!) we never did find it. Instead we found his 2 brothers:

The standing Buddha at Wat Laikatong

The sitting Buddha at Wat Machimmaram
(2nd largest of its kind in Southeast Asia)

No reclining Buddha, just the one standing and sitting. The rest of the evening was spent watching malay soap "Bella" at our little dismal hotel room since we didn't know where else to go. Hahaha.. Oh well.. so much for visit Kelantan year. Some of the other photos taken. Enjoy!

Baby Haziq sleeping

The Buddha we're suppose to go see (pix taken fr brochure)

In-laws making their purchase at Wakaf Che Yeh
I bought a RM10 scarf

The waiting... at Pasar Siti Khadijah
(hubby pandai2 je nak tukar nama to Pasar Fatimah.. kekeke..)

Pose istimewa :D


Navigator at work

Full moon in Kota Bharu

err.. UiTM dihatiku. Right.

We came across this restaurant while looking for a place to get lunch, hihi..
No, we did not dine there.

Lagi pose istimewa.. Goodbye Kota Bharu.

On Going Domestic

After four years of employment, hubby and i decided for me to opt for a premature retirement. I finally waved goodbye to secretarial practice. Think i’m done with that for now. To answer those who are wondering what i’m up to these days (for whatever reasons) well, I cook, clean, garden, run errands, read, (blog) and whatever that qualifies me as a homemaker.

It has been about four months since i left work (after having gone thru a dreadful surgical episode), and the other day i suddenly find myself in the position of a shrink. Friends started coming to confide in me for problems regarding career, relationships (particularly this), health, even financials and i thought, Wow! Maybe i should start charging!! Haha.. There are days gone by where i exclusively attend to the free advice-dispensing and view-exchanging activities via the instant messaging with my usual comrades simply because i CAN :D. But the days are often filled with purely domestic chores such as cooking meals, ironing and cleaning the house. I definitely enjoy to finally having the time to read, going to the movies and travelling when hubby is off duty. We didn’t get to do much travelling before (even to the nearest mall) as we don’t always get the luxury of having weekends together.

Anyways, i think i have been procrastinating to apply for a part time job long enough now. Need to update that CV and get it going (before more questions come deafening my ears from the parents). And hopefully i get to earn some bucks soon to at least fulfill my shoe cravings among others :)

I’m ready

I’ve been blogging anonymously in the past, only to express my personal thoughts and emotions especially to channel my anger so as not to hurt anyone and at the same time to secure my mental steadiness (well, i still do as and when it requires me to). But i’m coming out of the shell. Welcome to my blog.