Thursday, March 13, 2008

No rice for dinner

This was announced by my Mr. the other night while having our usual staple food during dinner lately. He told me that he wanted to start watching his weight. I could not believe my ears! I thought it was all a dream because i have been trying to get my point across all this while but he said the expanding waistline was a sign of "PROSPERITY" and that i've been feeding him well (pandai,la kan). So when his heart had finally opened to go on a diet, as a good wife, what am i to do but support his WISE decision, right? ;) (i didn't wanna make fun of it because i was afraid that he would change his mind). I need to be more creative now, i thought. So the next day i started googling for recipes to add to my existing collection.

Today, i took the liberty to prepare one of his favourite dish, Roti Jala for dinner (and not to waste the curry i've cooked earlier). Mum-in-law got me the pan and the err.. yellow plastic scoop not long ago (i don't know what it's called, that yellow thing made of plastic with holes at the bottom and a handle to scoop the batter to form the jala) because i once told her i wanted to learn to make them (very thoughtful of her, or could it be that she wanted me to walk my talk.. kekeke). Called mum for the recipe this morning and this was how it turned out the first few attempts:

(i know, i know, it's not suppose to look like this. The batter was a bit too thick at first.
Imran said it's more like roti bintik2. Hahaha)

After the ball's rolling, i finally get them to look the way they are supposed to.
Well, more or less.

(My brother came by with the wife and his brother-in-law, Imran to get me help babysit his son - which i love doing by the way, and i'm not sure whether to say it's langkah kanan or langkah kiri for them..hehehe)

Imran came in and wanted to try his hand at it and this is his product.
Slightly off, but not bad. Haha!

But the STAR of the evening was this guy, not only he loves eating them, he actually knows the technique to making them! Impressive!

Ingatkan tau makan je...

Learn from the pro!

I now know that not only the batter should not be too thick, you shouldn't hold the yellow scoop too high up, and swirl it slow and steady in order to get that Roti Jala look. (Well, it was my first time and was nervous too, hence the speed).

Hullabaloo in the kitchen over the Roti Jala

Almost done now..

Voila! Served with chicken curry.
(Not bad for a first time, eh?)

I'm glad they enjoyed it. Everything was gobbled up. And therefore i think it was a success. :D

Thanks mak for the the apparatus and mum for the recipe!


cheesecake said...

hahaha...your roti jala making session sounds fun! unlike my experience making them (that was in karachi)... i literally cried because one of the nozzles patah and my roti jala was not done yet! and family coming back from school and office for lunch and it was not ready yet! In the end, I used the cellophane tape to place the broken nozzle! talk about stress! hahahaha

AZRA said...

Hahaha.. nasib baik ada cellophane to the rescue.. kalu tak, the batter tu buat lempeng je la! Hahaha..

ilie said...

free food is always setapp..but the roti jala turns out nicely...tq aunty ashwaa...

AZRA said...

Tq ilie.. next time we try a different recipe plak k.. roti naan ka, roti tissue ka.. hehehe...


kn jd creative tahap gaban la if strictly no rice 4 dner ni
i always love making roti jala, rs cam terer je (sbb org lain x rajin nk buat kalu setakat mkn unt 2 org!)

AZRA said...

u've said it, little dewa.
i've done sandwiches, mee and pastas apart from the roti jala. 2moro making a taco wrap (1st time gak nih).. kena campur2 la asian and western.. challenging but at the same time, kinda fun trying out new recipes!