Saturday, October 23, 2010

Of gardening, the garden and the bloody annoying gardener

I adore beautiful gardens be it small or big. When we were checking out our place before moving in, i told the husband how much i loved the back yard. I would never extend the back for a bigger kitchen or room because we would then lose that small area. We haven't done anything to it ever since we moved in except cutting the grass (that's almost 5 years now) until earlier this year. I have the idea of a herb garden but what can i say, after a few miserable attempts, i have to admit that gardening is just not my forte. God knows i've tried!

We finally decided to change the grass for both front and back lawn (when my eyes could no longer take the sight of weeds growing happily in the "garden"). I had been tending to the front lawn a couple of years back with much love and well, some care even with very little knowledge in gardening. You have to give me some credit for the effort, right?

Then one day, after we got back from travelling, one of my favourite plant (sorry, i have no idea what it's called) got attacked by these white stuffs (Dad says it's "benah") so i had to throw them away. The weather hasn't been gentle to the plants too so some of them were already dead by that time. And then more plants went dead. Ugh. I was so frustrated.

Anyways, after changing to pearl grass, the garden looked nice again and less panic but then some old grass (the thinner and taller ones) started growing back in the back yard. And they are back with a vengeance. Called the gardener but i suspect this guy only appears in front of our gate only when he is in need of cash. 

A day after completing the first job, he came to our house to borrow some cash. I don't know what he told the Mr. but he got the money and said he would come back the next day to return the cash and to trim some branches that i now suspect he conveniently had forgotten about. Days passed, nothing. The husband tried calling him several times, no answer. When i called, he answered. Only because he didn't have my number. He told the Mr. that his wife was sick and has been in the hospital for a few days. That he would drop by our place once she's better. Fine.

Then one day on our way back home from some errands, i saw him working at one of our neighbour's house. We turned back and spoke to him "nicely". He came by our house later that afternoon to look at the backyard and (again) said would come the next day for the grass and branches. He did this time. But had told me to pay him for the grass he had to get from the nursery. I told him he has to wait for my husband for that and that we would pay AFTER the job, thinking that we wouldn't have to pay him since he did a lousy job the first time and the fact that he owes us money. But after everything was done, he still got paid and left us with the sweet promises that the unwanted grass won't be back. The Mr. paid him because he said he needed the money and that we can call him to do work for free the next time. Yeah right. 

Now guess what? The bloody grasses are back again. Sigh. I'm thinking of doing something to that particular area as some parts are not badly affected and also perhaps hiring a proper person to help upkeep the garden. One that wouldn't cut our throat or get on my nerves. I have the urge to do it myself but given the history, i'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Oh yeah by the way, he also told me that he hasn't been well and has been in the hospital before started working at my neighbour's. Familiar? First the wife, now him. Hmm. When i asked, "sakit apa?", he answered, "sudah mau mati lah saya rasa..". I'm sorry, but all i have in the back of my mind was, Baguslah tu, John!

Friday, October 15, 2010

100th, baby!

Oh my god, it took me 44 months to get here to my 100th blog post. That's a long time! Hehe.

But to be fair, i have some drafts shelved waiting to be edited and posted, so i could have reached here much sooner.. They've been sitting there well, 1. because i'm just a major procrastinator and to simply put it, lazy lah 2. lack of words to express my story or maybe just plain no idea. Then after a while, it gets outdated and i just lost the interest to update them. 

I'm back in my writing shoes again now.. but i don't know if i'll ever publish any of them at all. We'll see. Take care now. See you on my 101st post! :D 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Me and 3 others went to watch a theatre at The Actors Studio, Lot 10 last night. It was the malay version of the ancient Greek myth, Medea. The play is about the revenge of a wife whose husband betrayed her by taking on another wife for wealth and power which ends with the tragic death of not only of the new bride but her own children too. (I thought it's pronounced as Ma-day-ah but the casts pronounced it as Media. As in publication/communication media, media). 

The main cast, Azizah Mahzan delivered a very impactful act and i have to say my first time watching a malay play was not at all bad. (I haven't had the chance to go see PGL so i can't compare here. But then again, this is a small production). The background gamelan arrangement combined with short dikir barat performances was good too. All in all, a great performance. If interested, you might still stand a chance to catch the show till Oct 16th at The Actors Studio. Info here.

**The Actors Studio, Lot 10 opened in October last year, has a very nice ambience and has that KL Pac feel to it (outdoors) but i didn't get the chance to take any photos to be shared here as we were too busy trying to look for a place for dinner before the show starts. (Lot 10 has changed so much since we last visited, we were practically lost!). And did u know that the food court are now all non-halal? No wonder a chinese man had this puzzled look on his face when he saw our clueless faces :p

I'll leave you now with a photo of someone who happily drank off a shoe that night..

Eat Pray Love

Have you seen the movie? Well, i loved it. I know the review isn't great.. but still, i enjoyed it. Partly because i can relate to most of what the author was experiencing, or over the simple fact that i heart Julia Roberts, or Javier Bardem is just too sexy, or because James Franco is so charming and makes my "liver" go aaaaahhhh......... *melt*. It also made me wanna re-visit Bali and get on a plane to Italy! In short, i don't care what the review says but i loved the movie. But of course, the movie and the book can never be the same.

I think everybody should embark on a journey to find oneself, inner peace and happiness. For some, it may take longer and more hardship than others. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

I for one, seek solace and comfort from these 3 elements.

I eat when i'm distressed. And i don't mean just eat. I would most prefer meat. Dragging my brother/mr. for a slab of juicy meat after a rough day at the office is not something very novel when i was serving the corporate world. I just feel better afterwards and then i'll start bitching about it. Eat first, talk later and i would be somewhat cured.

I'm sure talking to God has definitely helped you numerous times. Well, me too! I feel that we should speak to God often because you know you can trust Him. I may not be the most pious person, but i find it more rewarding as you won't know whether a person is genuine in listening to all your troubles, but God is. Always. You would probably still be angry or just as confused after "speaking" to him, and you may not get an answer right that instance, but it sure does makes one feel calmer. Much calmer. At least i do. And when you are more in the 'zen' zone, you can think better. 

Love works in its own mysterious ways, don't you agree? Being in the arms of your loved one can surely makes your day and makes you feel so much better when you are having a bad day. Even when he/she doesn't have the slightest clue of what's going on, but just by holding you for that few seconds would somehow release somekind of magic that makes you feel tonnes lighter. Like a huge weight been lifted off your shoulders. Ahhh.. the power of LOVE :)
It's true, opening your heart again after it's been (greatly) broken is not easy, but tell me something i don't know. Getting over that someone from your past is never easy. Heck, there were times i felt like i'd rather die. It's just too much pain. (If only we could select certain memories and erase them forever. Life would be so much easier). But life's a pain and it must go on. I believe making peace with ourselves first is a very good start.

Before signing off, i just would like to wish that you find that peace and happiness in yourself (if you haven't already). Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Have a blessed day. And go watch the movie and see what you think of it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Big Three-O

Speaking of the d@mn number, it was a pretty big deal for me that we go out to mark my big day -for some reasons i don't even know how to explain. Notice that i said 'go out'? To have a do at my own place would mean i have to clean up after my own party. Now, who's going to do that, right? I guess it's the same case with some of my friends. This year was just different for us. It's just kind of well, BIG.

Let's see some of our moments celebrating the merriment of turning Big Three-O, shall we? Let's go chronological.

First, mine. I wanted a good dinner with my family. I felt like having tapas so we went to Uno. I always have loved the pasta here (before they increase their prices. Since then, we only visit the restaurant once a while, whenever the moon turns blue. Hehe). My only disappointment that night was that they have a limited selection of tapas on weekends. Tsk.. Of all days! So annoying.

Me and my cake moment.
Not every year i get to have this, so cut me some slack, yeah? :)

I had such a good time Anyways, it would have been nicer if dad was there too.

Next up was my friend, Chey whom had insisted i made an exception to make her birthday cake in the fasting month. It was celebrated in the comfort of her inlaw's house. Can you imagine? Her inlaws threw her a birthday party! With tents and all. Lucky girl! The mum-in-law has a catering business, so food wasn't an issue. There was a big buffet spread and why, of course the food was good.. they had grilled lamb! :D

She said the theme of her party was Thirty, Flirty & Thriving.. I didn't even know there was a theme until she told me at the party. Whatever. Lol.

And the most recent was Chy's Glamorous birthday celeb. Held at Neo Luxe and Lounge, Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nice ambience, even nicer food! (Thanks, chy.. :)). I hope she had gotten over her blues after all that scrumptious food.. I know i would! (Yes. Hi, my name is Azra and i seek comfort in food.. -_-).

Lots of phototaking slash camwhoring took place, as usual :) Everyone looked nice. Well, i could have done better. I know it shouldn't involve too much effort but what can i say, glamour is not my cup of tea. It's mum's. Haha.. (Hehehe..sorry mum). The only testimony that I was indeed glamour that night was that i have cake glitters all over my body, underneath all that coverings. Haha..

Another one is coming up real soon... though she still hasn't decided if there is going to be a party. Whatever it is, have a ball! It's not like every year that you get to turn 30. And don't forget to be thankful to the Big Guy too! ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Syndrome. Yes/No/Maybe?

It is this year that my fellow friends that were born in the same year turn the Big 3-0. Yep, some couldn't wait to join the hubby in his 30's (since it's inevitable might as well join in and have fun, one would think ;)), some were rather cool, some indifferent and of course, not forgetting the ones with the blues.. heheh.

The recent birthday celeb was celebrated well, Glamorously (that was the theme). I had planned to go for a glam chic look by pairing my new top with my staple piece, the blue jeans. I only had about half and hour to get ready before i was terribly fashionably late. In the short frame of time, i made a decision to sacrifice 2 major pieces of my ensemble for something more practical.

1. The jeans - I had planned to put on a different wash, the dark blue denim but then decided to change as that particular pair would limit me on my food intake, due to the waist cut.

2. The bag - I chose a
small handbag as opposed to a clutch . As i was entrusted of bringing (and making) the cake, being the klutz that i am, i knew without the Mr. accompanying me to lend a help, it simply would spell disaster to clutch a bag under my arm and carry the cake box all at the same time. I can so imagine myself putting the clutch on top of the box or under my arm(pit) and then dropping it, then having to put down the cake to collect it back again. I opted for a small handbag that dangled on my arm while i carry the box instead. And lucky me, we had to climb up a great flight of stairs to reach the restaurant!

so the outcome:

Ugh.. *covers face It bugs me when i look the pictures, okay.. i have to admit. Well, fine. Clothes are not what define you. But your appearance shows your personality, right? I'm not sure how i managed to smile. Probably from all the comfiness :p Is this a sign of aging? Trading style for comfort? Well true, i always do go for comfort first, but not in times of need for style..

Besides that, I also noticed that of late, i always try to find something airy/flowy to wear instead of a usual pair of jeans before i go out... 30 syndrome??? Oh God, please NO!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's catch up

I know i haven't been around. To tell you the truth, i have had some things on my mind i wanted to share.. but i am so inarticulate in pouring out my thoughts, i wouldn't want my points to be wrongly taken and so, i ended up reserving most of it to myself. Well ok, mostly i don't like to be judged. No matter how little my readers may be. But then again, i shouldn't care so much. It's still a learning process as what people say sometimes do bug me. I have to learn to develop some thick skin. I'm always ever so careful with what i write, sometimes i almost don't like myself. Haha.

I have been bloghopping a bit lately, (when my he's not hogging the lappy) and I've thought of starting a new blog, to start fresh. But i'm so not creative, i couldn't think of any other name i wanted apart from what's no longer available.. pfft.. So here i am. Stuck in my old blog.

I just hope i don't bore myself -this blog is mostly for my own amusement.. heheh.. (Truth be told, hubby's out for work. No one's around today and i have so much time on my hands to blog today, after a pickup of 76 cupcakes is done this morning and i'm so in the mood to talk rubbish again..). So, good luck to you readers! :)