Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's catch up

I know i haven't been around. To tell you the truth, i have had some things on my mind i wanted to share.. but i am so inarticulate in pouring out my thoughts, i wouldn't want my points to be wrongly taken and so, i ended up reserving most of it to myself. Well ok, mostly i don't like to be judged. No matter how little my readers may be. But then again, i shouldn't care so much. It's still a learning process as what people say sometimes do bug me. I have to learn to develop some thick skin. I'm always ever so careful with what i write, sometimes i almost don't like myself. Haha.

I have been bloghopping a bit lately, (when my he's not hogging the lappy) and I've thought of starting a new blog, to start fresh. But i'm so not creative, i couldn't think of any other name i wanted apart from what's no longer available.. pfft.. So here i am. Stuck in my old blog.

I just hope i don't bore myself -this blog is mostly for my own amusement.. heheh.. (Truth be told, hubby's out for work. No one's around today and i have so much time on my hands to blog today, after a pickup of 76 cupcakes is done this morning and i'm so in the mood to talk rubbish again..). So, good luck to you readers! :)

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