Friday, October 30, 2009

Wait, before i forget...

... Pearl Jam is coming to Malaysia?? Betul ke?? Asked a fellow fan about this, (the brother, who is guilty of the music influence) and he went, " ke? Tak tau apa-apa pun..". Sigh. But it was in the news! I may not have an innate knowledge in music (my choice of music is eclectic), but grunge is what i grew up listening to and Pearl Jam is one alternative rock band i heart the most among very few others. Now that there are no Blind Melon and Soundgarden concerts to count on, i feel like i am obligated to go to this one. (Oh, Eddie Vedder!!) Why can't i get more info on this??? Sighhh...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making connection with (cup)cakes - Cupcake fun 101

I went for a cupcake decorating class at Cake Connection last week. It's located at Jaya One, PJ where you can find almost everything you need to make that cake of yours extraordinary all under one roof - sprinklers, toppers you name it! And i simply love the setting of the place. It's simple yet so chic!

We were taught and given tips on how to make basic vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting that will hold in our nice, hot weather. It was all exciting but i was pretty nervous as i have never attempted any kind of cake decorating (heck, i've only baked once in my lifetime!) and i know the underlying challenge for me particularly will be the TIME as time is (always) jealous of me and in this case, wars against my rosettes & my hydrangeas & swirls :)

Nancy, the instructor told us to treat the class therapeutic, but of course, i was all stressed out come end of the class! Struggling in between the messiness of
putting in the icing into the piping bag, practicing the techniques on the board and working on the cupcakes to finish on time. But i guess it somehow did have that therapeutic effect after all as one of my colleague said my energy was different that day. "You look happier than usual!", he said. Haha! Here's a visual of some of my finished product:

I've always loved the classic swirl. I would have done more swirls but due to time constraints, i was short for a refill.
And as for the purple Hydrangeas, it went straight onto the cupcake! 

(no time for trials!)

Mussy. The kind of work i get when i do things fast!
(But mussy sometimes adds character, no?)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rave over an insect

Of late, i've noticed that i am more and more into Dragonflies. After googling to find out what it actually symbolises, here's what i get:

"A dragonfly is a symbol of sense of self, which comes with maturity. It represents renewal, positive forces and power of life. A pair of mating dragonflies is believed to be a symbol of love.

The animal symbolism of a dragonfly is associated with good luck, prosperity, swiftness, strength, peace, purity and harmony. These symbolic meanings of a dragonfly are popular, specifically, with the Japanese and Native Americans.

In Japanese paintings, dragonflies represent new light and joy. Dragonflies help you see through your illusions and allow your own light to shine in a new vision. They remind us to pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.

In Japanese culture, dragonflies are considered as a symbol of strength, happiness and courage. They are often mentioned in Japanese literature and art, especially 'haiku'. In ancient mythology, Japan was recognized by the name, Akitsushima that means ‘Land of the Dragonflies’. According to the Japanese people, a dragonfly is associated with the rice plant’s spirit.

To some Native Americans, dragonflies are the souls of the dead. In England, dragonflies were considered to be evil and dangerous
(yikes!). They were nicknamed as ‘horse stingers’.

A dragonfly lives a very short life and it tries to live to the fullest with what it has. I think this is the greatest lesson for all of us. We should try to enjoy every moment of life with what we have."

There's always a little something to figure about yourself, ey? ;)
Have a good Friday, people!