Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Close call


Senang cerita, semua lah pecah!

Yes, that was what happened to me on Wesak Day. My first near death experience. I was on the way to LCCT to fetch my mother-in-law but that did not happen. The roads at Sepang were all wet due to the heavy rain the night before. My kid brother was in the car with me (to accompany me to send the MIL to Seremban). A few minutes before it happened, i received a call from the bro in law in from the East coast saying that the flight was delayed and so i thought i could have a bite in the mean time. So i was not rushing or anything. My brother and i were having a conversation when suddenly turning at a corner, the car went out of control, spun and i then saw the lamp post coming straight for me. I couldn't do anything then. I just left things to the Big Guy. Once we hit the lamp post, it felt like everything was moving in a slow motion and only when the back of the car got into the drain next to the Bunga Raya air strip that finally brought the car to a halt. I may sound defensive here, but i honestly don't think that i was going fast (which my brother concurred) because that corner was close to the one before, so i couldn't have gone fast. But maybe i shouldn't have gone at that speed either (though i honestly can't recall what was the speed at that time).

It was truly of pure luck that the lamp post missed me and smashed exactly on the A pillar and that we escape from the crash unscathed (i walked off with a small cut on my right toe and a bruise just the size of a plum on my right hip) but most importantly we are
ALIVE! (you'll see what i mean when you see the condition of the car later). After making sure that we are both ok, I searched for my cellphone to get help from my elder brother. I then quickly make 2 more phone calls to my brother in laws, one to arrange for my mum in law's pick up and the other to inform the mum in law that i would not be able to fetch her from the airport. Cars started stopping to get a better view of the catastrophe and some were really kind to ask where we were heading and whether we needed help to arrange for the pick up etc. Some gave plastic bags to put in our stuff before the car gets towed, advised me to sit down or drink some water to calm myself down but i was ok then. (I was that composed that one guy actually said that he never thought that i was the driver because i looked so cool and collected). Well, at first i was. Not until my cousin called that i began to feel shaken up and tears started to gather in my sorry eyes. He came by later not long after my brother and SIL came. I texted hubby to give me a call as soon as he gets my text message.

The funny thing is, i wanted to take the other route but suddenly changed my mind at the last minute and took this route instead. And of all days, hubby forgot to switch off his phone that day and received the text message i sent him when he reached Guangzhou. What are the odds, huh.. And so he immediately called me and then spoke to my brother to get his mechanic to send the tow truck and will deal with the rest when he gets back. I told him the car was totally wrecked but he was totally cool about it. Don't worry about the car, it can be repaired, he said. Be thankful that u and the brother are unhurt. Everything is ok... but of course i could no longer hold back the tears.

We did visit the doctor just to be sure that nothing was broken or anything, i had just recovered from the after shock effect (had fever the next day) but am still feeling some pains all over and a headache the size of a mountain for 2 days now. And so is my brother. When he called me the day after the incident, he said he had to tampal koyok all over his body! That really made me laugh.. but then i felt kind of sad to put him in that condition ;(

On the other hand,
things happen for a reason and there's always a silver lining. It was truly a miracle that i am still here to be able to share the gruesome experience, and for that, i truly, truly feel humbled and blessed! How could you not?

Many thanks to all that had helped us sort the mayhem and i humbly apologise for the trouble.

[will put up the pix when it's available].

Friday, May 16, 2008

American Idol Grand Finale - The battle of the Davids


Now, what did i tell you?? :)
So is it going to be...

David Archuleta?
David Cook?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just when i thought it was time to stop..

I was at my cousin's to catch a movie that day. We then realised we should get some snacks to go along so we walked to the sundry place near her house and suddenly, there it was. Staring at us from the woven basket next to the entrance of the store.. waiting silently, anticipating our next move. I swiftly picked it up to get a better look. The cousin lifted another. We could not believe it. It was too good to be true. It was as if the eyes were playing tricks on us. Except they didn't.

There, look at that.. how can i not give in?!?!

I have yet to read that piece of Mr. Brown's work, and for that i must get it. Well, it's not exactly brand new but hey, second hand does not mean second class ;)

[Oh, kepada golongan ibu diluar sana, Happy Mothers' Day!]

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More bargain for book lovers

More good news, guys! Click here for details.

Friday, May 9, 2008

One down, three to go (well, two actually)

Will these 2 guys be in the final? I sure hope so. I know i said Syesha would be cut next, but I am actually happy that Jason Castro is the one to go because he deserves so. Syesha is definitely a better singer. I just thought he has enough votes to keep him there (sorry, Kay). But she might even be the next idol, who knows?

- In the last season, i thought Melinda Doolittle would go to final (she's super talented) alongside Jordan Sparks, but Blake did (well, he's bold and different). So, we'll see.

So long J.Castro.

[from a certain angle, i think he looks like J.Travolta.
don't you think so?
but of course Travolta is waaaay much cooler :)]

Thursday, May 8, 2008

From Bbq party to the crime of breaking & entering to hi jacking to more robbery

This happened one weekend last month. SIL's birthday falls on a working day, so dear brother decided to celebrate the wife's birthday on Saturday instead and surprised her with a small barbecue party on one fine Saturday night at my place we did. The bro was in charge of the guests and supplies while i was in charge with the rest of the prep and food. We started around after maghrib and everything was in order. We put up fairy lights (the one we bought for raya but never did use them), i prepared the chicken the night before (after googling for barbecue marinade from all over), made some Singapore fried beehoon and some potato salad. One cousin brought a scrumptious lasagna and we had cupcakes as the birthday cake. The only thing that was missing was that i forgot to serve the ice cream we bought after suddenly being stirred by a commotion outside the house. The guys were already at the neighbour's house opposite (of my home) when i rushed out to the gate to see what it was all about.

It turns out that my neighbour's house were broken into (while they were out having dinner & we were having the party outside!). My kid brother was the head chef in charge of grilling the chicken in the lawn outside but did not see anything amiss nor did he hear anything that of suspicion. My elder brother was also outside taking a puff. Hubby was playing with Aslan (the cat) when 2 of my cousins arrived and said they saw a car parked in front of the house which was about 2 hours ago but thought it was just one of the neighbour's friends or relatives. His next door neighbour also saw and thought the same. They only saw a man waiting in the car outside the gate. The thief apparently took their time to ransack each room and manage to get away with their jewelleries, a lap top, a camera and some cash. They pry open and broke the strong door and it could not serve its purpose (the door would not close at all). Since it was then past 10pm, my poor neighbour could not get the door man to fix it and had to sleep over at his brother's house that night. The neighbours and i could not believe they would dare break into the house while there are many people going in and out right in front of that house. (And we were later informed that the police were late to the scene due to another case of theft in our housing area that same night!)

Then a few days back, my cousin's car got hi jacked when my aunt was driving to get newspaper one early morning. Some indian guys came to the car with parangs and ordered her to get out of the car. They came in 2 cars but luckily my aunt was not harmed. The guys got away with the car, her wallet, house keys and my cousin's stuff (biz cards, cd collection - his canto exercise book too). My aunt later got back her IC and driving license as the bad guys tossed them out somewhere in Sunway and was discovered by a Sabahan guy. The crime happened in Kelana Jaya.

Yesterday, I read a newspaper article about a robbery in Muar where the robbers, after taking the victim's jewelleries and cash, also took their food supplies - rice, noodles and even instant noodles!

What a world we are all living in nowadays. I don't feel safe even in my own home. And when i am away, i can't help the fear of anyone breaking into our house. I guess time is really bad with everything is so expensive, we are all desperate. And you know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now the question is, who do you think we are to blame???

Anyway, Happy Birthday, SIL. And guys, please be careful. Wherever you are, whatever you do. Just be careful.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My first Go at Karting

"I'll take you karting one day", he used to say to me. Several times over the years, whenever he engaged in conversations that involved the topic of Go Karting. "Yeah ok.." was simply my sentiment to the thoughtful gesture. Well, i finally get to get my hands behind the wheels the first time last weekend. It was an outing with the Kazzens and was a darn good experience. I was pretty nervous as the others are pretty good at it (winning competitions and all) and that i was the only one who have never sit in one before but i was there to experience it and just have fun, and serious fun we all had indeed (though i finished last in between struggling to get the hang of it and colliding with Edrin's kart, thank you, Edrin!). I just wished it lasted longer as when the momentum was about to set in in the second round, i saw the stupid red flag being waved motioning the unwelcome ending, that our 10 minutes were up. Sigh.

I take pleasure in attempting bold endeavours once in a while. I was suppose to go for the white water rafting at Kuala Kubu Baru last year but got disappointed when they (the former company i worked with) announced that they had to cancel it due to the continuous pouring rain in June that lead to the rising of the water level and refunded our money. I guess God above was trying to tell me to keep my feet on dry land.

Karting was really exciting (but expensive nonetheless), it also reminds me of driving home from work where i (sometimes) boost up the speed of my humble car just a tad (before the traffic builds up) to reach home. I miss that sometimes. :)

strapping up

see that lady in turquoise on the right?
she's one of those champions i mentioned earlier..

(& i think something got into my cousin's eyes)

that's moi leading with hubby right behind me, followed by my kid bro..
hahaha.. NOT!

me... in the lead again.. :P
(on the right: kid bro spun hahahaha..)

was a good Sunday evening
- & i am all set for a second outing
(little Harris was there too - in his own kart)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Books galore!

I don't normally share my purchases (especially with the public) for some obvious reasons but i'm sharing my recent book purchase because it really is something to highlight. All this for only RM170 and sen sen.. crazy isn't it??? (Note that 2 of the books above are in hardcover). Wanted to get Amir Muhammad's New Malaysian Essay but noticed the footnote (in the book) that said if it's ordered online from Malaysiakini, it comes with a free copy of Generation: A Collection of Contemporary Malaysian Ideas by Amir Muhammad, Kam Raslan & Sheryll Stothard. So, i've placed an order from Kinibooks. Will be delivered in one day! Yay! :D

[This is how things should be.. Books at affordable prices! I feel wonderful.. i so do! :D]

Thursday, May 1, 2008

And then there were four

After the unexpected leaving of Carly Smithson in the last round of the Idol, i knew it will either be Brooke or Syesha next. We must all agree that Kristee Lee Cook never deserved to get to the top 5 but i honestly think that Carly would made it thru at least in the Top 5 (especially given her strong last performance). But i guess the Americans decided to throw the big-voiced Irish gal out sooner than i had expected. I like Brooke for having her own style and i'm sure she has developed her own fan base throughout the singing competition. While Syesha can sleep well after the announcement of Brooke's departure, she must know that she's up next. The girl can sing, but i think she lacks the uniqueness to win the competition. Then Castro will eventually leave the idol along with his dreamy eyes, "soulful" voice, dreadlocks (& charm that had helped keep him on the show) and all.

And then, i really do not know what will happen between the 2 Davids. It will be a battle between the very novel (& of course much talented) 25 year old rocker from Blue Springs and the sweet-faced 17-year old singing prodigy from Utah that we all adore. (As much as i think that Archuleta is super-talented, i personally favour Cook's originality, singing style and performance so i'm kind of hoping he will be the next Idol - it has nothing to do with his bad guy image, honest!). However, we all know that it's just a matter of winning the title. These people can well achieve their dreams soon after the competition is over, doing what they love and make tonnes of money. I'm no expert, just another opinion from a mere observer. Cheers to all, hope u had a splendid Labour Day!