Monday, May 5, 2008

My first Go at Karting

"I'll take you karting one day", he used to say to me. Several times over the years, whenever he engaged in conversations that involved the topic of Go Karting. "Yeah ok.." was simply my sentiment to the thoughtful gesture. Well, i finally get to get my hands behind the wheels the first time last weekend. It was an outing with the Kazzens and was a darn good experience. I was pretty nervous as the others are pretty good at it (winning competitions and all) and that i was the only one who have never sit in one before but i was there to experience it and just have fun, and serious fun we all had indeed (though i finished last in between struggling to get the hang of it and colliding with Edrin's kart, thank you, Edrin!). I just wished it lasted longer as when the momentum was about to set in in the second round, i saw the stupid red flag being waved motioning the unwelcome ending, that our 10 minutes were up. Sigh.

I take pleasure in attempting bold endeavours once in a while. I was suppose to go for the white water rafting at Kuala Kubu Baru last year but got disappointed when they (the former company i worked with) announced that they had to cancel it due to the continuous pouring rain in June that lead to the rising of the water level and refunded our money. I guess God above was trying to tell me to keep my feet on dry land.

Karting was really exciting (but expensive nonetheless), it also reminds me of driving home from work where i (sometimes) boost up the speed of my humble car just a tad (before the traffic builds up) to reach home. I miss that sometimes. :)

strapping up

see that lady in turquoise on the right?
she's one of those champions i mentioned earlier..

(& i think something got into my cousin's eyes)

that's moi leading with hubby right behind me, followed by my kid bro..
hahaha.. NOT!

me... in the lead again.. :P
(on the right: kid bro spun hahahaha..)

was a good Sunday evening
- & i am all set for a second outing
(little Harris was there too - in his own kart)


ilie said...

tensionnya tak dapat karting...nak sesangat but wat to pay lum settle2 lagi plus nak kenna jaga kart harris..heheh

AZRA said...

xpe, i'm sure we'll go again soon.

mummy+son+dotter said...

dat looks fun!!

i never gokarting b4, shud go 1 day :)

ilie, rugi-rugi..
takpela, nk kene jaga kart harriskan? :P


nmpak cam fun sgt2
nnt la tgu si kenit ni 5/6y ke, bleh try

AZRA said...

they have the 2 seater kart.. so when anak2 u all dah leh naik, bolela bawak..

ilie, nx time we take turns jaga kart harris. diorang sure tak puas main 10 mins nye.. so nx time we can take turns..