Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just when i thought it was time to stop..

I was at my cousin's to catch a movie that day. We then realised we should get some snacks to go along so we walked to the sundry place near her house and suddenly, there it was. Staring at us from the woven basket next to the entrance of the store.. waiting silently, anticipating our next move. I swiftly picked it up to get a better look. The cousin lifted another. We could not believe it. It was too good to be true. It was as if the eyes were playing tricks on us. Except they didn't.

There, look at that.. how can i not give in?!?!

I have yet to read that piece of Mr. Brown's work, and for that i must get it. Well, it's not exactly brand new but hey, second hand does not mean second class ;)

[Oh, kepada golongan ibu diluar sana, Happy Mothers' Day!]



it's angels & demons kan?
i prefer tis 2 the da vinci code
mr brown's quite a genius!
cumenye, aft u read at least 2 books o his - it wud become stereotyped - u mesti bleh agak the plot
nway, njoy!

AZRA said...

Yes, it is. Everyone said the same thing (better than the Da Vinci code) & it's only empat ringgit stengah..


ya & sgt untung!
then there's digital fortress (pon best... ntah ape mak die bg mamat ni mkn agaknye smpai otak bleh jd ginih...) & deception point (x as gud tho)

ms ngantuk said...

i loved da vinci's code, thought it was madly captivating. tp bila dah baca angels n demons - mcm same style. dah x best. but sure, we can;t resist a cheap book, right?!!!

AZRA said...

yup i agree, da vinci code is really a page turner. and yes, how can we resist such a good bargain??