Thursday, December 15, 2011

When 2 become 1

What do u get when you put my fav celeb..


my all time fav beautiful beast??

The new Range Rover Evoque!

I'm very excited! This came a little bit delayed on my end as usual because i'm such a busy woman ;p but here it is.
Mrs. Beckham was appointed as the creative consultant for the interior of the new Range Rover SUV and has even been named Top Gear magazine's Woman of the Year for the design. The car itself, was named Car of the Year by the magazine, in which Jeremy Clarkson (whom finding flaw is like his second nature) admitted that it was his favourite vehicle of 2011. Brilliant!

The stunning Evoque comes in a 5-door and a 3-door coupe with 2 turbo charged 4-cylinder engine choices: 2.0-litre petrol and 2.2-litre turbo diesel. And the best part is, the prices are relatively lesser than the usual selling price of a Range Rover too. Still expensive, but much less expensive. Naturally here in
Malaysia, lesser door will cost more but a 5-door vehicle usually works best for a girl like me :)

I especially love it in the red and black sporty interior as well as in the classic truffle.
I need to wipe my drool off the floor after this........


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The world is Jobsless

Even if i don't own any apple products (anymore), i would like to join the rest of the world to say thank you Steve Jobs, for the delicious apples.

I hope he will continue to inspire us all even though he has departed. I leave you with his inspiring speech someone had sent me a couple of years back, if you haven't seen it already.

Stay foolish, stay hungry. Thank you & RIP.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It could have been me..

George Clooney with his 31 year old girlfriend.. dang!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New egg on the block

Hey, guess what? I'm on twitter now! (Finally). I was in a dilemma to set up a twitter account (such drama to have a dilemma over such trivial stuff  like setting up a twitter account.. i know).

I'm clueless in the twitter world. Blogging is different. I like writing long... i need a lot of words, i love long phrases.. I just like the idea of throwing random words in the void  and babble about things and then look back whenever i feel like it. I just don't wanna bore people with things like.. what to have for dinner.. feel like having ice cream.. or tweeting something that annoys me that entail questions by concerned friends and ended up having to share my annoyance and explain the whole situation. I just feel that it's sometimes unnecessary (i'm a bit of a private person).. and i don't wanna caught myself saying things i can't take back. Basically, i'm just afraid that i might not be able to control myself la. Hehe.

My friends have been pressing me on this.. So what the heck, let's just do this..  See what other people are tweeting about and if i don;t like it i can just leave. And who knows, i might just like it too.

Then it was time to choose a username. This wasn't a breezy thing too. I've tried several:

azrarashid taken
azrara taken
azrarash sounds like i'm having a rash.. cancelled
azrashid doesn't sound right.. cancelled
nurazra taken
arzarun (nurazra spelled backwards) taken!
ladyq taken
ladyquixotic taken

then i got carried away...
ladyrara taken
ladylala taken
ladyqaqa also taken?!!

azramuz available
azramuza available
azra_rashid available
azramil available
ladyquixote available

And later i saw at the side of the username box, "Don't worry, you can change it later"... So there. I've joined some other 105,779,710 people on twitter. I'm a tweeter now. Is that what they call someone who tweets?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the love of Shoes...

I used to have the love for shoes and never really was a bag person. But after my first designer bag, i became sort of hooked and stopped getting shoes for a while ( beacause designer bags aen't cheap, right?). Bought a few during trips that i seldom ever use anymore. I guess it's the hassle of having to change from one bag to another to match my outfit is what i don't have the patience for. I'd rather stick to a basic piece and have my shoes changed instead (it's a lot easier that way!) that is, until i discovered some sort of crackling sound of one knee, followed by some pain that got me checked in into a podiatry clinic one day.

The results weren't good but the remedy was even worse! I am NOT to wear regular shoes anymore and they had a pair of othortics made for me that day *cries. I don't mind the othortics, really. What bothered me was how much money i had to pay for it and the shoes! Running shoes?? Oh, come on! U don't expect me to wear running shoes everyday? When i'm NOT running or brisk walking?? That's Fugly! And it isn't just running shoes, of course. It has to have a certain characteristics to it. A hard part to protect the bone above the heels, a broad base and a suitable contour for my feet, among other things. In short, expensive! The brand Brooks  was recommended.

I calmed down a bit when the podiatrist finally said that i could bring some of my own shoes or find some other "special" shoes out there that fit the criteria and that they would fix the othortics. Of course i went for the cheaper option first and when none of them were right (but, of course -__-), i went to search for some decent looking casual ones, at least that are easy on my eyes and had found 2 mary janes from Foot Solutions that aren't so bad. The guy told me that my doc (are podiatrists considered doctors? Some say like chiropractors, they aren't) well, he is a bit particular than others and will only approve of one (which in my untrained eyes don't fit me that well) and he was right! It was a no-no!

I found a pair of Brooks selling at a discount by chance one day, and guess what? This time they aren't the right size to fit in the othortics and i couldn't return them! Man this was tiring! And then, i was introduced to this little miracle worker by my husband's cousin...

Fitflop!! They aren't the prettiest thing on earth but they are magic! I gave them a try but did not feel the difference immediately, i must admit. I read these benefits some people are singing praises for but i didn't immediately fall for it. But i decided to give it a go because with the price of ONE pair of "special" shoes, i could get 2-3 Fitflops! Only after the 3rd week of wearing them almost religiously do i began to feel an ease on the knees (with the help from going to reflexology too i guess). I no longer feel the pain after walking a distance as i did before. My condition was so bad before, it came to a point where i had to have a stool/a chair EVERYTIME i perform prayers! Now, not anymore! (InsyaAllah, touch wood!). I can perform solat like a normal person again! This has made me so happyand relieved because i cried at times not knowing if i was ever able to sujud normally again. (And i was very down thinking that i should have done my prayers more diligently when i was younger healthier.. *sniffs..). Mum said to make peace with the chair when i refused at first, ".. or at least until your condition gets better", my other half added. I guess this served me as a reminder. We sometimes don't appreciate what we have until we no longer have it and i am thankful to be reminded even in a painful way. Alhamdulillah :")

I don't know if the podiatrist will approve of this but i don't really care what he thinks anymore. I still have the othortics-uncut stored in my shoe room store room and i still wear my regular shoes occasionally but the Fitflop is my staple footwear now. Checkout Fitflop here.

I even think my bum is smaller now, if not tighter! :P I'm thinking of getting another one soon to achieve the model's bum. Haha.

** Oh, the other day, i was admiring one of my customer's shoes when suddenly my assistant shot me down with, "Akak, akak tu sakit lutut.....".   -____-    Such a killjoy!
*Disclaimer: This post is not an attempt to announce that i perform the solat. I am merely telling my experience, in case anybody is sensitive to the subject. You know who you are ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Truly eye opening

The Arrivals. Have you seen it? If you haven't, you definitely, definitely should. You will never see things the same way, ever again. InsyaAllah. If you have, how did the videos make you feel? I had goosebumps from the very first few parts. I felt a huge pang after watching the videos further. By the end of it, i had a mixed feeling. I was consumed with sadness, embarrassment, regret, but nevertheless with hope too. But above all, i feel so, very deceived.

As a kid, we were all taught to stick to our roots, have faith in our religion and to refuse and avoid evil temptations. We are all mostly brought up in the "modern" world in which we thought that the West are bringing good development to the country and the rest of the world. And even though we knew that they had also corrupted our little minds with their culture and way of life, little did we know that it goes far beyond that. We are unaware of the extent of of this mind controlling phenomena and how deep it has affected us. Unaware of how clever we are all being "played". Evil has a main agenda. A GRAND plan. And we are all being lead and controlled greatly by these so called "world leaders" towards this grand plan unbeknown to us.

You have got to see it for yourself. This is my next step. To spread it. Help me do the same (especially if you have many readers) if you BELIEVE in God, the one and only creator. No matter what your religion is. The key is to keep an open mind. Let's help ourselves and save human kind. Let us all join together to raise the awareness and together, find the truth and wisdom from all that is happening around us.

The Arrivals Part 1 Intro

The Arrivals Part 1 (Proof from the Holy Quran)

**Watch the rest of the videos on youtube

May God forgive me for my ignorance and guide me towards righteousness. Amin.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

pre-loved in loving memory

I used to own a similar pair in red (minus the high cut) in which i have sold many many years ago after much hesitation. Looking at the photo above has bring back good memories and is giving me the itch to get a new one. Perhaps this time, an earthly colour.

** photo of Maysaa via hijabstyle.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting life back on track

I have a problem juggling work and home. I'm swamped. Not just with the new job, but also from my post as the Honorary Secretary to the Mr. and our club, and of course being the Home Administrator too. After having done almost half on the list, I still have some complaints to get sorted, minutes of meetings  and some leasing agreements in my pile, and to put the house in order besides more crisis at work! I hate deadlines! Sigh. I'm already so exhausted thinking about it! Transition process is not easy! I pray for more hours in a day! :'( If they say any women can multitask, then i must be a man trapped in a woman's body.

I've been focusing on the store so much, i need to balance it with home and other stuff. Now that the major works at the store are finally done, i'm now left with waiting for the Unifi guys for 5Mbps speed of net browsing at work! Hooray! Goodbye lousy broadband! Some had told me to sign up for yes, but i need a land line for mobile cctv viewing. (Siti, if you're reading this by any chance, BEWARE! Muahaha!)

At home, i have been training myself to rise earliest possible and sleep as early as possible too, so that i can spend a few hours for laundry/scrubbing/dusting/organising or whatever that needs to be done before work to make the place more live-able and i have been quite successful so far. *Grins* The only thing left for me to do is, get my LIFE back! I've been neglecting myself. I've been skipping facials, swimming classes and even meals! I've lost 4 kilos since December. Needless to say it's so not healthy!!

But for a more current update, I have managed to keep my facial appointments-twice now and meeting friends for a social balance for starters (though, i admit, i have been late on most occasions), i have also been making time to catch up on reading as well. So there's progress. I just need to get my swimming slot back and find time to cook healthy meals! (..and complete the above-mentioned tasks. Ugh).

But C'est la vie. Everybody's busy with their own thing. So, can't complain, right? I just need to plan my time better and learn to take things easy (this is even harder!). Let's hope i can keep things the way i plan to and de-stress a bit. Do i hear Angel Spa calling?? I need to go make a phone call.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family antics

I believe every family has them.
Sometimes i wonder if that is what constitutes a family?

December: A new chapter

If you have read my entry on my list of Things to do before 30, you'll know that some of them are rubbish. Yes, haha i admit. I just wanted a longer list. But anyhow, i do have some that i have been meaning to strike off from the list like go to the movies alone. It sounds so simple but i can't seem to do it. I have a friend who actually does this sometimes after work, but i simply couldn't! Plus, having a husband who got offended when i voiced out the idea is obviously not helping too. (I tell you, they get soft by the age -_-)

Okay, but that wasn't the BIG December project. Ladies and gents, (drumroll please.....) I have finally started my own business! Yay! :D Alhamdulillah. I know i have past the age of 30, but so what, right? Who makes all these silly rules, anyway?

I am well in the running into my 4th month in March, insyaAllah. But i tell you, the challenges.... gosh! I don't even know where to begin. Even though i'm still in the early days, but man have i seen a lot in the past couple of months! And i am sure more are to come. I just have to stand tough. God give me strength!

I realised that i have a lot to change about myself too, after getting involved in business. I have to be more firm, more thick skin, more patient, more skeptical, less transparent, less trusting and less nice! In short, i have to be a b**ch have a personality makeover! Because there are so many kinds of people out there that will TRY to take advantage from your act of kindness.

**That's no more housewife for you. So stop asking me what i do at home! (too many concerned people living among us.. i feel so lucky, don't you?? :p)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A very busy year end.

Wow, January is almost over. I have been super busy since the last post. Well, even before that, actually. Sampai demam2, it was crazy! Why people always assume being a housewife is easy, is beyond me. You have MORE social obligations you can't run away from.

My mother in law went for haj last October, so the Mr. and i played host before the send off. I was already running here and there for my December project. So, knowing that we don't have any help especially when it was a weekday and time is always an enemy, we catered for about 20 pax, but catered in the sense that we ordered food. So picking up, setting up, cleaning up and all was all basically DIY :"( (Thanks to Cik Lili who got herself busy as she arrived). The very next night was the time we welcomed  my lil nephew, baby Hazir into the world (wrote abt it in my last post). I went to sleep over at my brother's house to help look after my sad nephew whom the parents had to leave for the new arrival. Brought him to the hospital the next morning and helped my brother with his stuff the next day when the wife got discharged from the hospital. Penat being a host pun still tak hilang lagi...

Before sending off the mum-in-law, makan-makan at our place.
Not even a small picture can spare me the eyebags.... :'( 
Then i went for a hide-away (from life outdoors) to prepare cakes for 2 occasions. In which i received a phone call for order when i was asleep after the haj send off. MIL was called in about 1.30am. So by the time i reached home and done cleaning up, i slept about 3-4am. I remembered talking gibberish on the phone and finally offered a call back soon because i realised i was scaring my customer away. Hehehe.

I made a simpleThomas birthday cake as requested for the birthday boy to bring to school (but fyi to those who are not in the know, a simple cake does not mean simple to make. Just in case you are wondering WHY a simple cake can cost so much sometimes. Kalau tak percaya, i suggest you try make one. Yes, i sound annoyed don't i? Because that's the truth). And made another 50 cupcakes the day after for the party at home. Complicated lil cuppies that requires a head start on colouring, cutting, shaping and moulding. Days ahead. So you can imagine the lack of sleep and all. I never look good attending these birthday parties whenever i have to come with my own cake in my hands! lol (And i don't think i ever want to do this kind of cuppies ever again!! :'( Unless of course, someone would really want to pay for all the pain and hard work).

(But in between, i still manage to squeeze some time pegi Angel Spa ;) Wanted to write about it but haven't had the chance to. So this will have to wait).

After that came Raya Haji. Since the mum-in-law was away for haj, my hubbs being the eldest son suggested we had the makan2 pagi raya session at our place. It was our turn to spend raya with his family anyways. So we once again played host for the celebration but this time, yours truly did the cooking (of course). Thanks to mum and ayah for dropping by to offer help. You guys are the best!!! Oh yes, u too, Harris! :D I managed to get the kari ayam, kuah lodeh, sambal goreng, rendang daging, (ketupat plastic, no less :p, and lemang (beli) too) all ready on time! In fact, the cooking was all ready way ahead of schedule! An accomplishment for me. Tak pernah masak full course for a large pax on my own for pagi raya so far. This was a first for yours truly :) (Though i got some help but mainly things were done by myself la. Thanks again mum n ayah... i couldn't have done it without you!!! Well, can la tapi takla siap by 5pm! Hehehe ;) )

 Table all set in the morning of Aidiladha :D
Waiting for the guests....

Next came dad's birthday. I made him a cheese cake since i know how much he loves them. It was my first time attempting a cheese cake and i was quite surprised how simple it was to make! But the ingredients aren't cheap, though. Then, i was down with fever :( I can't remember for how long. But it was not very long before my next order that was long booked by the cousin. I had to forego the one before that, though-the quite last minute order for a friend. (Pix below). Because i still had to squeeze in time to go meet people for my December thing.. so ampun, babes. Tak larat. Hehehee.. Health comes first, considering our age now.. :P

Us sharing a tiramisu @ twentyone

Finally November was coming to an end. Made the 2-tiered Barney cake for the cousin's son 1st birthday for the 27th November party. She was getting nervous when she got to know that i was not well, worried that i might not get the baking done for her but all was well, alhamdulillah. Tee hee. Luckily she wanted an exact design of a Barney cake i've done in the past, so i was able to skip the head scratching part to think about designs to come up with. But just when i thought i have the remaining 3 days to breathe before December comes, the Mr. fell sick! Can you imagine that?!!