Friday, March 25, 2011

Truly eye opening

The Arrivals. Have you seen it? If you haven't, you definitely, definitely should. You will never see things the same way, ever again. InsyaAllah. If you have, how did the videos make you feel? I had goosebumps from the very first few parts. I felt a huge pang after watching the videos further. By the end of it, i had a mixed feeling. I was consumed with sadness, embarrassment, regret, but nevertheless with hope too. But above all, i feel so, very deceived.

As a kid, we were all taught to stick to our roots, have faith in our religion and to refuse and avoid evil temptations. We are all mostly brought up in the "modern" world in which we thought that the West are bringing good development to the country and the rest of the world. And even though we knew that they had also corrupted our little minds with their culture and way of life, little did we know that it goes far beyond that. We are unaware of the extent of of this mind controlling phenomena and how deep it has affected us. Unaware of how clever we are all being "played". Evil has a main agenda. A GRAND plan. And we are all being lead and controlled greatly by these so called "world leaders" towards this grand plan unbeknown to us.

You have got to see it for yourself. This is my next step. To spread it. Help me do the same (especially if you have many readers) if you BELIEVE in God, the one and only creator. No matter what your religion is. The key is to keep an open mind. Let's help ourselves and save human kind. Let us all join together to raise the awareness and together, find the truth and wisdom from all that is happening around us.

The Arrivals Part 1 Intro

The Arrivals Part 1 (Proof from the Holy Quran)

**Watch the rest of the videos on youtube

May God forgive me for my ignorance and guide me towards righteousness. Amin.

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i watched it. yeap, insaf.

me, Di.