Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's always something in store for you

My trendy cousin blogged about "the boyfriend fit" . It's the way to wear your jeans these days but i will definitely be frowned upon if i were to don the look since you're suppose to roll up the cuff. I mean it looks cool but just not very suitable for me. Maybe without rolling up the cuffs, but that wouldn't be the same now, would it? Apparently loose (and masculine) is in! I normally go for the classic and timeless look (mostly because following fashion will cost you.. hehe) but not wanting to be left out, i googled for a more suitable style for those with the tudung (hijab) on and found these. Pretty chic too, won't you say??

A-Pant (high-waisted flare jeans)
though, i believe this look is suitable for those with long legs.. but hey, go look for that jeans that best suit you. I bet there's something in store for everyone ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amazing what facebook can do

I'm sure most of you are familiar with facebook and have found that long lost friends, or distant relatives on the network. Last February, my high school friends had a reunion planned via facebook (after changes and more changes were made to the dates, venue and food prep). It was a simple, loud (as expected) and out of control affair i must say, "camwhoring" was more of the main event besides catching up and gossip sessions, of course :) It was fun to see everybody again after some 12 years. I didn't realise it has been that long. Time really flies but most of us didn't really change that much..

Class of 97
The theme was "turquoise & white" (the colour of the school uniform)

And about a month later, i was reunited with another set of friends. The primary school group. You heard me right, the PRIMARY SCHOOL friends why of course, via facebook. I am still in touch with one or two people from this group and had remain good friends with one for 22 years!

It all started when i found one familiar name on the network. After he confirmed that he was indeed my ex-classmate, he said he had no idea where the others had gone to. And from there one found the other, the other one created a group and now we have found almost everybody! After almost 17 years of no contact whatsoever! Isn't that amazing?? I was so excited to have reconnected with these guys. We have so much memories, the ups and downs, funny incidents.. We were like brothers and sisters back then, we bicker almost everyday (especially between us girls and the boys) but we were close. Playing games like the belon acah and kejar-kejar was a routine. Then the getah and batu seremban with the girls, ceper (bottle caps) with the guys when we got older.. The good old days :) We drifted soon after we left school. Now that we've found most of us, we are planning for a reunion but this time it is going to be more challenging since everybody seems to be everywhere! Not just KL and JB but Singapore, the UK, California, China, Hawaii.. so i guess we shall find out. Let me share a class photo which i have not seen for ages and had lost mine somewhere along the growing up process. See if you could spot me. Heheh..

Standard 1 class photo in 1987.
Can you guess??

Now, going a tad sentimental here (you've been warned). To the friend of 22 years, who has always been there for me no matter the distance (or traffic) that kept us apart all these years. I've known you since the main kejar-kejar and ceper phase to you playing the guitar and talking about our jobs. We may be worlds apart but we have always been able to set aside our differences and remain close. Thank you for being honest about everything, for not caring when it comes to trivial things and cared more than ever when things need be. Thank you for being there by my side on the happiest day of my life (not forgetting the night before too helping with the prep and all). I hope you know why you sat there on that day. You are more a family to me than most of them.. i mean, you are more a family to me than a friend. Oops :)

Love you, babe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Curiosity frustrates

Ok get this, Kate Spade is now in town. Ok that's not very recent. But it was my first time to visit the store. As i was browsing, i spotted a familiar leather material that is similar to the one i bought for mum in Hong Kong a few months back (read post here). But it's labelled "Pig skin". Of course there wasn't such a label in Hong Kong but i did ask the girl if it was pig skin due to the tiny spots on the material. But she said no, it was made of buffalo skin (i wasn't so sure because i was told that pig skin has this 3 consistent dots close together which is not the case here. That leads me to believe it was indeed buffalo skin). So when i saw the pig skin bags at the store here, i couldn't help but ask the assistant if they have buffalo leather bags for me to compare. She said that they do not bring in buffalo leather bags here in Malaysia and so there is a possibility that the bag was made of buffalo skin. She suggested that i bring in the bag for them to check since i couldn't recall the name of the bag. I know i could just close one eye and believe that it was buffalo skin but being the strong conscience person that i am, i simply couldn't leave it alone.

Went home, looked for the receipt and the name of the bag was there. Went online and the description says "Boar skin"! I went back to the store and showed them the invoice and the sales assistant confirmed it. Urgh.. it's either the gal was clueless or i was duped!

So allow me to stop beating around the bush here, i am seeking you readers' kind help to please ask any of your non-muslim friends if they are interested in this beautiful boarskin bag. (But i'm afraid i won't be able to pay any commission for the help, sorry). Mum only used it once. Price negotiable. For details, please email me @
I feel terrible to have to take it back from her or that i had given her the bag in the first place. [Please insert colourful french word of your choice for the Hongkee sales lady on my behalf here].
(Will try to get better photos if required, since these were taken on my mobile. My cam is not available - long story).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

On a jet plane - 18/03/2009

Let me explain why i was away for so long.. I attended my high school mini gathering not long after I came back from Toulouse and had meant to write about it but the idea was shelved after I was put off by streamyx's precariousness and the interest had then gone down the drain together with the "brilliant" connection.

I'll write about it later if time (or the connection) permits. Anyways, I was on board en route to KUL from Hong Kong (again). I had a book to accompany me but honestly, I find Mitch Albom’s book can be pretty boring but I had brought it due to the small number of pages (i like to travel light). Lesson well learned. A more exciting book next time and so the hubby handed me the notebook. Perhaps so that he won’t have to engage in small talks or worse, a lengthy conversation with me and that he could slip in a journey to dreamland in which he had boarded its train right when i reach this point. Hmph.

The one night stay in Hong Kong had turned into a 2 nights stop since the morning flight we intended to get on was cancelled so they had to give the priority of the next flight to the morning passengers (the joys of travelling on concession tickets, it’s the risk you are bound to expect). The (supposedly 1 night) trip this time around was to collect an order that was made during the last visit (and making additional purchases, of course) which was supposed to be done in February but did not happen due to the rather last minute announcement of his training abroad.

Well, people often thought that when Hong Kong was mentioned, it was a trip for ME to shop. So let me tell you, MEN SHOP TOO and women CAN just be the spectator. No kidding. And this woman is one who actually went on a trip merely to help carry her man's stuff besides accompanying him because she loves him and that's what you do when you love someone. You help them. Carry (quite heavy) stuff if it requires you to. Haha.

Perhaps some photos now since it's just a short trip and apparently i have not much to update :)

Can you see the shortcut path we took to get to the store?
& we spent 3 hours in that small Kingston store..

I could very much enjoy the food this time, though. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't the last time because of the food poisoning.
Ho, ho sik wor!!