Saturday, April 25, 2009

On a jet plane - 18/03/2009

Let me explain why i was away for so long.. I attended my high school mini gathering not long after I came back from Toulouse and had meant to write about it but the idea was shelved after I was put off by streamyx's precariousness and the interest had then gone down the drain together with the "brilliant" connection.

I'll write about it later if time (or the connection) permits. Anyways, I was on board en route to KUL from Hong Kong (again). I had a book to accompany me but honestly, I find Mitch Albom’s book can be pretty boring but I had brought it due to the small number of pages (i like to travel light). Lesson well learned. A more exciting book next time and so the hubby handed me the notebook. Perhaps so that he won’t have to engage in small talks or worse, a lengthy conversation with me and that he could slip in a journey to dreamland in which he had boarded its train right when i reach this point. Hmph.

The one night stay in Hong Kong had turned into a 2 nights stop since the morning flight we intended to get on was cancelled so they had to give the priority of the next flight to the morning passengers (the joys of travelling on concession tickets, it’s the risk you are bound to expect). The (supposedly 1 night) trip this time around was to collect an order that was made during the last visit (and making additional purchases, of course) which was supposed to be done in February but did not happen due to the rather last minute announcement of his training abroad.

Well, people often thought that when Hong Kong was mentioned, it was a trip for ME to shop. So let me tell you, MEN SHOP TOO and women CAN just be the spectator. No kidding. And this woman is one who actually went on a trip merely to help carry her man's stuff besides accompanying him because she loves him and that's what you do when you love someone. You help them. Carry (quite heavy) stuff if it requires you to. Haha.

Perhaps some photos now since it's just a short trip and apparently i have not much to update :)

Can you see the shortcut path we took to get to the store?
& we spent 3 hours in that small Kingston store..

I could very much enjoy the food this time, though. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't the last time because of the food poisoning.
Ho, ho sik wor!!

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