Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's always something in store for you

My trendy cousin blogged about "the boyfriend fit" . It's the way to wear your jeans these days but i will definitely be frowned upon if i were to don the look since you're suppose to roll up the cuff. I mean it looks cool but just not very suitable for me. Maybe without rolling up the cuffs, but that wouldn't be the same now, would it? Apparently loose (and masculine) is in! I normally go for the classic and timeless look (mostly because following fashion will cost you.. hehe) but not wanting to be left out, i googled for a more suitable style for those with the tudung (hijab) on and found these. Pretty chic too, won't you say??

A-Pant (high-waisted flare jeans)
though, i believe this look is suitable for those with long legs.. but hey, go look for that jeans that best suit you. I bet there's something in store for everyone ;)


ms ngantuk said...

i used to wear guy's cut at guess/levi's dulu2..ok je rupanya(tp i was much lighter then :P)
anyway i hate the way katie holmes wears it, x lawalah!

Elle said...

this definitely requires miles of legs which I do not have! You can carry it off nicely Azra. And oh, high waisted kena ada flat stomach babe, if not...nampak pelik! heheh..This look is definitely for you :D

azra said...

Yup yup.. I agree, stomach kena flat to carry the style. I wud have to take after u then. How many was it again?? 140 sit ups?? Heh heh..

Kay, ok je katie holmes pakai.. Maybe because she wore it with heels unlike the others, that's why u x suka kot..