Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Curiosity frustrates

Ok get this, Kate Spade is now in town. Ok that's not very recent. But it was my first time to visit the store. As i was browsing, i spotted a familiar leather material that is similar to the one i bought for mum in Hong Kong a few months back (read post here). But it's labelled "Pig skin". Of course there wasn't such a label in Hong Kong but i did ask the girl if it was pig skin due to the tiny spots on the material. But she said no, it was made of buffalo skin (i wasn't so sure because i was told that pig skin has this 3 consistent dots close together which is not the case here. That leads me to believe it was indeed buffalo skin). So when i saw the pig skin bags at the store here, i couldn't help but ask the assistant if they have buffalo leather bags for me to compare. She said that they do not bring in buffalo leather bags here in Malaysia and so there is a possibility that the bag was made of buffalo skin. She suggested that i bring in the bag for them to check since i couldn't recall the name of the bag. I know i could just close one eye and believe that it was buffalo skin but being the strong conscience person that i am, i simply couldn't leave it alone.

Went home, looked for the receipt and the name of the bag was there. Went online and the description says "Boar skin"! I went back to the store and showed them the invoice and the sales assistant confirmed it. Urgh.. it's either the gal was clueless or i was duped!

So allow me to stop beating around the bush here, i am seeking you readers' kind help to please ask any of your non-muslim friends if they are interested in this beautiful boarskin bag. (But i'm afraid i won't be able to pay any commission for the help, sorry). Mum only used it once. Price negotiable. For details, please email me @ azra.ar@gmail.com.
I feel terrible to have to take it back from her or that i had given her the bag in the first place. [Please insert colourful french word of your choice for the Hongkee sales lady on my behalf here].
(Will try to get better photos if required, since these were taken on my mobile. My cam is not available - long story).


ngantukalways said...

how much is this? must be a bomb.
promo lah at fb, can reach out further


phewwww... must b xtra careful la shopping @ sana eh...

Elle said...

Azra!!! Welcome back to the blogworld! Miss your entries. Sorry for the boarskin bag. I recently bought a Kate Spade bag and made sure it was not pig skin. It is gorgeous! Anyway, I think I can help. Siselle has a preloved section. I can post the pics there and we'll see if there's any takers. How much? text me yeah?

ilie said...

ye ke..tensionnya sian mak...baru dapat pakai sekejap...huhuhu

AZRA said...

Hello hello.. thank you for the suggestions, dearies.

K.lita, i'll surely contact u soon! (n i wonder which bag u got! hehe) Thx again! :)