Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hong Kong Highlights

This is not going to be my typical update on the place i visit not too long ago. This is going to be brief as i haven't been putting up posts for quite a while and I am now again visiting another foreign land (meaning i have more updates coming). So here goes, in point form, no less.

  • The visit to Hong Kong was on 10th-13th December 2008. It was initiated by my cousin who wanted to shop for designer goods and had invited me to join her. Since my other half used to go to HK for car parts, i have succeeded in talking him into going with us and manage to drag another car enthusiast, another cousin of mine to tag along as well (after much poison-ing by us and him sleeping on the idea for so many nights, he finally agreed to come with us. And turns out, they did more shopping than we did!!).
  • I was sick the first 2 days. It started the night before the travel and lasted till day 2. It pretty much upsets the trip as it was quite a challenge to be going from one place to another on foot even be doing what we girls do best (ie. shop) in such condition. I threw up twice before getting on the plane to HK and a few more times when we reached HK, even once on board making me ended up smelling like an old lady all the way due to the minyak kapak. However, because of that, i saved on food. Haha. They were really expensive but the portion was really huge!
  • The weather was perfect for walking, between 17-21 degrees Celsius if i'm not mistaken. I loved it. (But omgee the hongkees dress as if the place was snowing!)
  • We only manage to go to The Peak for sightseeing (in which we're suppose to ride the open top bus to the place but unfortunately it was discontinued for the time being) and skipped the boat ride, riding the old tram and witness the Symphony of lights because of point no. 2.
  • If you plan to go to HK, do not, i repeat DO NOT go on weekends. It was a good thing we went back on a Saturday because by Friday night, thousands of Hongkees started flooding the city. It was no different the next day.
  • I did some shopping myself. Got myself some tops, a pair of shoes, a wrist watch, a handbag for my mum and one for myself (though not all are designer's). I actually felt guilty over my bag purchase, because i forgot that i have purchased the watch when i got it. You see, the watch was the last piece on display so my friend told the sales assistant to get a new one from the warehouse and that we would come back to collect it later. Despite being told that it was a good buy by my fellow shopping companions (memang supportive belaka semuanya..) and even though i did put aside the sum of $$ for shopping, i still feel that i have overspent.

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