Friday, January 16, 2009

From another continent

I'm in Toulouse at the moment. A brief update on my whereabouts and what i'm recently up to before going out for a stroll in the nice weather. Having paella ala moi (hehe) and drinking what's called 100% pur raisin jus (written on the box) for lunch as i'm writing. It's grape juice.

It has been 10 days since we got here in Toulouse, and few minutes ago my friend just asked me on facebook whether i'm homesick. My answer to that was not as much, but the thought of local food like my favourite, the char kuay teow really makes me miss home. And i miss the cats and my mini garden too (i wonder if my brother is taking good care of them since he is very hard to get hold).

So far, the stay has been interesting. I get to experience snow for the first time (i bet u can tell from the pix above, hehe). We were told by a local that it is not common to have snow here even during winter. It only snows once in a few years so i am lucky that it decided to fall during the time we are here. --Did i hear u say jakun?? Tak kesahla.. haha.. However, it has not been snowing for days now. I prefer the current weather, to be honest. I was even pleased when it rained when i was out exploring the town by myself last week!

We have visited a few places, and since my other half is here for work, i go out by myself every now and then to bargain hunt (it's SALE everywhere!) and to visit interesting historical places too.

Well then, now that i'm done with lunch, i'll post more stuff later.
Au revoir
for now!


ilie said...

everybody is entitled to feel jakun the first time experiencing chill...afterall there r millions others who still dont have the chance....

AZRA said...