Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"For Toulouse, always more" - indeed there is!

That's the motto of the city i'm in right now. It is located in the southwest of France, known as Europe's capital of aerospace industry. Which is basically why i am here. (The other half is attending a training at the Airbus headquarters).

At first i thought it was a small city but when i read more about it, boy was i wrong. It is the 4th largest metropolitan area in France, after Paris, Marseille and Lyon. Not only Toulouse is the capital of the Haute Garrone department, it is also the capital of the Midi Pyrenees region, which is the largest region in metropolitan France. And what's more, it is where one of the oldest university in Europe is located (founded in 1229), which ranks the third largest university campus of France after Paris and Lyon with more than 97 000 students.

Haute Garrone department

Midi Pyrenees region
According to Wikipedia (it's obviously where i am getting all these info), born during the Roman Empire, Toulouse was once a major metropolis of western Europe, but it sank into a sleepy regional-level status in the 18th and 19th centuries, completely missing the Industrial Revolution. In the 20th century, relocation of key military and aerospace industries in Toulouse by the French central government have awakened the city again. It was once the capital of the former province of Languedoc but provinces were abolished during the French Revolution.

Former province of Languedoc

U can get more information about the history, demographics, and more on Toulouse here. I can put it here but that will merely repeat everything in Wiki ;)

Anyways, here's a slide on our first day in the city of Toulouse where of course, there's always more. :)

[As a kid, being a teacher's daughter always require us (my brothers and i) to get educational facts about the places we visited. These days, i say thank god for Wikipedia :)]

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