Thursday, January 22, 2009

The day i was already 30 before i even turn 29.

I was out looking for stuff to buy for the men in my life. Don't get any funny ideas, they are my dad and the brothers (2 of my bro's birthday falls in January so i was looking for a present for them because i'm a sweet sister ;)) but i ended up with a pair of jeans for myself instead. U may think that this is just an excuse, but honestly, i was turned off by the sale in the men's department. I think i can get better bargains at the ladies', seriously.

I'm a jeans person. Always been. I like the bootcut. To tell u the truth, i used to love Levi's and swore by it but of late, i think they are much too overpriced and with all the low waist, slim cut, super low waist, flare, washed, wrinkled, frayed and what not, i gave up. The designs are much too hip for me. I just want my basic comfy jeans!

I loved the Levi's 505 but after the last pair i own was damaged during a track day a few years back, i was told by the Levi's girl that they no longer carry the 505. I bought the 501 instead. Those days i prefer the straight cut.

Nowadays, i just go for the RM40 jeans at Jusco, seriously. They are a bit thin, but they do work for me. They have a suitable cutting, nice colour and the length are just fine. I own 3 of them to date but i hate to tell u that the colour do run a little (well, quite a bit actually). So i thought maybe i'd get a new pair since i couldn't find anything interesting for the guys (if i can find a decent pair, that is). And i was lucky enough to find one. The color was nice, the length would be just right if i were to wear heels (not that i wear them that often anyways). Nonetheless, i just couldn't believe it that i had to take one size bigger than the biggest size i've ever worn. The number is too foreign for me as i have always been in the 20s range. Always!! (I even thought maybe i'm a 28 because it's Europe :P). Though actually the vintage denim fits me nicely in size 29, i had to take a 30 for the dark denim! 30! Yup, THREE Zero! I decided to get the darker colour (yes, the size 30) because the vintage shade was similar to the RM40 jusco one i was wearing. I have to wear a belt for the jeans, but that doesn't change the fact that it still is a size 30!! Mannnn..... But hey, as long as i feel comfy and look good in it. That's what counts, right? (err.. right?)

Btw, why don't Levi's have sale in Malaysia? They seem to offer discounts in other places.

[useless info: author would love to own a Rock & Republic jeans..]


ms ngantuk said...

u size 30? biar benar! mesti silap label kot. think itu size i now. bugger. anyway i teringin nk own seven tp adakah size...

AZRA said...

hehe.. kay, i pun mcm tak percaya.. maybe it's the cutting. but then again, i do hv some excess baggage in the wrong places walaupun u tgk mcm sekeping. heheee..

pure_evs said...

Since you're there, why not try H&M jeans? from what I remember, H&M does really nice boot cut jeans too. I think u're tall enough to go for the "normal" size.

AZRA said...

Thx for suggesting, evs. Maybe i'll look for the h&m jeans in march since they are not on sale. I didn't have much time at the h&m in Manchester and the one in Paris was not very interesting. But psst.. babes, i have made THE purcahse!! ;)