Sunday, January 18, 2009

We missed the bus...

We were supposed to go on a tour to Albi-Cordes-Gaillac but somehow, they (the partners) got mixed up with the timing of the pickup bus. So, i'm here in our room in front of my notebook instead. Grr.. I can't say i am not disappointed because it will cost us 45 euros for an unguided tour (just to Albi) and 90 euros for guided tour for each person to the 3 places (rugi, rugi..), oh well. We'll have to think of something else to do later today.

Looks like it's just a tour to the bus stop for us this Sunday.. haha.
(waiting in vain, almost frozen too!)

We went for a Saturday walk yesterday, it was a good one except that we were approached by a man, flashing his police i.d. asking for our passports at the train station. This was after we spent almost half an hour going back and forth looking for directions and information on how to get to the airport (and to check out the train fare from Toulouse to Paris). The people there were not of much help since they don't speak English so we had to find our own way. Maybe that's what made them suspicious of us. A policewoman then joined the man to check on us. We were dismissed a few minutes later after they were convinced that we are harmless and sweet (teehee). The lady said that we could take the bus directly to the airport. And so we did. The bus ride took only about 20 minutes.

We then took the metro (for the first time) from Jean Jaures, very near to our hotel to St. Cyprien to go to Les Abbatoirs (a contemporary art gallery) and Chateau D'eau (a photo gallery of those taken by some of the greatest names in photography) situated on the other side of La Garonne river. I decided to come back to Les Abbatoirs next week because they are currently preparing for an exhibition and that we could only visit the first floor. Chateau D'Eau was very interesting. The building was gorgeous and though we do not know much of photography, we were very impressed with the photos, beautifully taken in the 50s and 60s.

Later when we head back to the hotel, we then understood why we had been approached by the police at the train station. There was a demonstration going on that evening near our hotel due to the war between Israel and Hamas. I dare not get near that crowd so the husband took some photos and we went straight back to the hotel.
The demonstration

Some of the Saturday walk photos.

Have a good week ahead, now!



hei bestnye berjalan je!
:)more pixs please...

AZRA said...

ni la masanya utk bjalan.. before i hv little ones to tag us along.. hehe..

pure_evs said...

Stay safe over there luv!

AZRA said...

I will, thanks! :)