Saturday, February 26, 2011

pre-loved in loving memory

I used to own a similar pair in red (minus the high cut) in which i have sold many many years ago after much hesitation. Looking at the photo above has bring back good memories and is giving me the itch to get a new one. Perhaps this time, an earthly colour.

** photo of Maysaa via hijabstyle.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting life back on track

I have a problem juggling work and home. I'm swamped. Not just with the new job, but also from my post as the Honorary Secretary to the Mr. and our club, and of course being the Home Administrator too. After having done almost half on the list, I still have some complaints to get sorted, minutes of meetings  and some leasing agreements in my pile, and to put the house in order besides more crisis at work! I hate deadlines! Sigh. I'm already so exhausted thinking about it! Transition process is not easy! I pray for more hours in a day! :'( If they say any women can multitask, then i must be a man trapped in a woman's body.

I've been focusing on the store so much, i need to balance it with home and other stuff. Now that the major works at the store are finally done, i'm now left with waiting for the Unifi guys for 5Mbps speed of net browsing at work! Hooray! Goodbye lousy broadband! Some had told me to sign up for yes, but i need a land line for mobile cctv viewing. (Siti, if you're reading this by any chance, BEWARE! Muahaha!)

At home, i have been training myself to rise earliest possible and sleep as early as possible too, so that i can spend a few hours for laundry/scrubbing/dusting/organising or whatever that needs to be done before work to make the place more live-able and i have been quite successful so far. *Grins* The only thing left for me to do is, get my LIFE back! I've been neglecting myself. I've been skipping facials, swimming classes and even meals! I've lost 4 kilos since December. Needless to say it's so not healthy!!

But for a more current update, I have managed to keep my facial appointments-twice now and meeting friends for a social balance for starters (though, i admit, i have been late on most occasions), i have also been making time to catch up on reading as well. So there's progress. I just need to get my swimming slot back and find time to cook healthy meals! (..and complete the above-mentioned tasks. Ugh).

But C'est la vie. Everybody's busy with their own thing. So, can't complain, right? I just need to plan my time better and learn to take things easy (this is even harder!). Let's hope i can keep things the way i plan to and de-stress a bit. Do i hear Angel Spa calling?? I need to go make a phone call.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family antics

I believe every family has them.
Sometimes i wonder if that is what constitutes a family?

December: A new chapter

If you have read my entry on my list of Things to do before 30, you'll know that some of them are rubbish. Yes, haha i admit. I just wanted a longer list. But anyhow, i do have some that i have been meaning to strike off from the list like go to the movies alone. It sounds so simple but i can't seem to do it. I have a friend who actually does this sometimes after work, but i simply couldn't! Plus, having a husband who got offended when i voiced out the idea is obviously not helping too. (I tell you, they get soft by the age -_-)

Okay, but that wasn't the BIG December project. Ladies and gents, (drumroll please.....) I have finally started my own business! Yay! :D Alhamdulillah. I know i have past the age of 30, but so what, right? Who makes all these silly rules, anyway?

I am well in the running into my 4th month in March, insyaAllah. But i tell you, the challenges.... gosh! I don't even know where to begin. Even though i'm still in the early days, but man have i seen a lot in the past couple of months! And i am sure more are to come. I just have to stand tough. God give me strength!

I realised that i have a lot to change about myself too, after getting involved in business. I have to be more firm, more thick skin, more patient, more skeptical, less transparent, less trusting and less nice! In short, i have to be a b**ch have a personality makeover! Because there are so many kinds of people out there that will TRY to take advantage from your act of kindness.

**That's no more housewife for you. So stop asking me what i do at home! (too many concerned people living among us.. i feel so lucky, don't you?? :p)