Wednesday, July 17, 2013

People like you

People like you should go learn English before you go on telling other people to grow up. That way, you could save yourself the embarrassment of putting the letter "n" at the end of the word "grow".

And also, it's Just friendS, my dear. With an "s".

I know you don't need people like me to teach you but please, do find yourself a proper teacher because you really need one. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The answer is well, umm no. Not really. Someday, you will understand is all I'm saying.

(And by the way, the fact that u know about my blogpost is rather intriguing..)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Of Cranberries Live in KL

So they were in KL last week. I've only found out about it when my school friend tweeted about trying to get the tickets. She had asked me to come along for old time's sake.. i paused. I never thought of going, really. I  then i replied that i felt kind of funny to be going to a concert. Why? I don't know why.. i mean i would still enjoy listening to Dolores O'Riordan but i guess i just don't fancy going to a concert nowadays.

I texted my brother who is also a fan of the Irish band back in our school days.
Me: Hey, malam ni got Cranberries concert lah
Him: Kat mana?
Me: Stadium Merdeka
Him: Mesti dah sold out
Me: Yeah, they say the RM110 tix dh habis. Tinggal Rock Zone (220) and pit (300). We so lembab la.. X tau pun ada concert ni :P

How outdated are we??

I didn't really feel much after it was all over but i think if they were to perform again the next day, i might just drag the brother to go. For old time's sake.

[the only regret i had that night was telling hubby abt it because i wasn't sure how many times i heard him sang "zombie" after that... i mean come on, they have lots of other hit songs!]

Shop, Eat and Walk down memory lane with the cousins, JB

This was a planned trip with the cousins. One was attending the BIL's engagement, and another one is to bring the wife to JB for the first time. And since our grandparents' place are in the final process of selling (i'm so, so sad...) we thought we should go and pay our last respect to the good old house. I had so much fun and since we don't get this kind of opportunity very often, i just had to put most pictures in!

The Shopping Activity 
My husband and I arrived a day earlier and met up with Mr. & Mrs. Freen and their daughter, Lil M at JPO (the rave of JB town now, the Johor Premium Outlet). We had sort of a late night at my parents' house, but everyone were so semangat and got up early the next morning to start our activities, especially my eldest brother. We started the day with some retail therapy, doing some DVD shopping at Holiday Plaza. It was 10.15am when we arrived but most shops were still closed! HP is something like Low Yat but with funky disco attire and lots of fake LVs, Chanels, Guccis and the likes, cheap electronic accessories and DVDs are sold. 

At JPO with Mr. & Mrs. Freen and Lil M. I have been here before so i wasn't really checking out the place but merely "teman"ing the cousins and hanging out at the coffee place there and got some candies.

Buying cheap phone accessories and dvds at HP and 2nd trip to JPO.
(Someone burst his button on his pants and had to get one immediately. Lol).

Gastronomic Activity
Another main agenda for that weekend was to EAT! The favourite ABC at Wisma Ayer Molek is always on top of the list among us! Known as "Gerai Batu" by some locals, it's where our late Tok Bak used to bring us for an evening treat! I've blogged abt it here before. We also had the famous Mee Rebus Haji Wahid and some Yong Taufu soup at Angsana. Had Tip Top ikan bakar for dinner too as one of them was craving for it (also featured in the same blog entry as the one featuring the ABC). Husband and i left early after dinner on Saturday as we would have to start our journey back to KL very early the next day. The rest went to Danga Bay for some funfair fun.

Eating our hearts out. One of the must do in JB. 

Visiting the (late) Don's House - probably for the last time.
We started taking pictures in the almost empty rooms, reminiscing old memories, filling in fibs and tales to the inlaws of the happenings in the past that took place in the house as soon as we arrive.. The good old days.. *sniffs
Us taking a picture in late grandpa's room, in the living hall where we used to "tidur lambak" when everyone comes back for Raya or on school breaks and one in the garden where my cousin had to take home a banana tree as requested by the mom. It was successful only after the second attempt. Hehe.

More of us taking fun, silly photos.
Bottom left is a picture of the husband looking on at the 3 cousins posing in the room they used to watch "Ultraman" together! ;) Notice that there's an air quote. Hehehe

The house has been up for sale for a while and it was almost sold some time ago before our grandma changed her mind... I was somehow hoping that it would stay that way as i'd hate to see the place taken over by somebody else and having to see the place being done differently. But now it's finally happening.. I could very much understand how my grandmother feels. She has stayed there for 40 over years! How could you separate with something that has been with you that long? I was in tears too when they told us that they were selling the house at first. How could i not? I practically grew up in that house. My grandpa would take us almost every weekend to stay with them. It's like our (school) holiday house too! Our playground, growing up. It has been a major part of my life and holds so many bittersweet memories... (but that's life right? All these material things will mean nothing eventually, when the time comes to be called to meet the Creator).

I'm sure gonna miss the house so much.
It's a shame the 4th generation of En. Md. Said will never get to know the place.

It was a fun weekend and i look forward to trips like this again, Insya Allah.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something (old) that made me smile

I went to go to visit my grandmother at my aunt's last weekend. At breakfast, i was taken by surprise to see something old on the table. No, no.. not the grandma hehehe. But something i had bought her 20 years ago on my school trip to Melaka.

I got her the mug as a token of remembrance and appreciation for the extra pocket money she gave me for the trip. Hehe. I remembered she kept it in her display cabinet for years after i gave it to her and i have not seen it for so long! Now she's finally drinking off coffee from the cup.

I laughed over the fact that i just had to choose the one with the senget writing of the lot. Nice, huh! Hahaha. But it was just a sweet surprise after so long =)

Yes, i love you, Tok! And not just because of that extra money you gave me. But i love you for that too, of course! ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

City of Motorcycles (and crazy cabbies) and great spirit.

How did i miss this? I have no idea that this was not published. I'm aware that i have been abandoning the blog for some time but this was actually written! I had to re-write the entry to make it less outdated. Anyways, this is about the city of Ho Chi Minh f.k.a.Saigon. A city i visited in 2010.

It was actually my second visit. The first time being a couple of months before when i went to accompany a friend on a short stay.

This time though, i thought i'd go with the husband to help me with some load, hehehe. And to say my thanks, i took him to places where i knew he would definitely enjoy ;) Places i saw from the first visit and thought of him instantly (and then with the help from google, of course). I don't really know the place that well. In fact, it's rather quite the opposite since i was worried that the cabby would dump us in the middle of nowhere - more than once - because we couldn't come to terms with him on the fare! The cabbies were a nutcase! Let me just warn u here.

I've made a point to keep the address of the places we were heading to from biz cards and receipts i have collected from the earlier trip to show them to the cabbies since, well, i don't speak Vietnamese and they don't speak/understand English too well so they would look at these addresses and said, "OK!" (with such confidence too, if i may add!). And then, they ended up going in circles, even to the point asking other people and told us to get into another cab but we still have to pay them in FULL! Wtf! I was at a boiling point going back from the Cu-Chi Tunnel but tried to remain calm especially after seeing so many Americans were killed by the Vietkongs at Cu-Chi. Mind you, the cab meters were showing at two zeros or so, that's in our RM, not peanuts! With the help of a diagram drawn by the Mr. with such lack of patience (and artistic flair), we manage to level with the crazy cabbies in the end. I'm just thankful we got back to the hotel safely -__-"

[Some word of advice: Do NOT try not to be too adventurous or too thrifty. Just pay extra and hire a tour guide for the sightseeing and save the huge headache!]

Now, i have never seen so many motorbikes in my entire life! They carry almost everything on these bikes too! From a bundle of nice smelling steamed sweet-corns to livestocks to a mountain of crops and breads, even a 2-door refrigerator! Can you imagine that? I didn't get to photograph all this (because i was busy being too worried in the cabs) but i promise you some the next time, if time permits. I also honestly do not know how i would manage to cross the roads in the City without my husband by my side as you have to be really and i mean REALLY Gung-ho to brave the bikes! It was so scary. One more thing about the people here.. they honk about every 4 seconds, maybe 2! It's just nuts! But they are very hardworking people! Children of all ages are selling something and they sell anything almost everywhere. They would park their bikes at the side of the road and sell chickens. The place doesn't have to be strategic or appropriate. They carry businesses wherever they seem fit, so to speak. They are such survivors.. i just admire the energy! And it made me realise how lucky we are to be living in a country with lots of privileges.

I shall leave you to some photos taken during the visit now. Mostly of us, though. As the ones of the other people are mostly blurred. Sorry.
Above: My guide for crossing the roads :)
The city was showered with lights as it was only days away from CNY.
Below: Me in front of an exquisite building. Served once as a community hall. I think it's a hotel now.
Very much influenced by French architecture.

At the War Remnants Museum:

Who doesn't love big tanks, yes? Hehe

Some sick photos of cruelty and inhumanity:

This one has a caption: Mostly women and babies. They looked as if they tried to get away.
So heartbreaking ;(

..more of women and babies.. they look like they're innocently asleep.

Left: local victims being dragged by a tank leaving them without a face. How cruel is that?!
Right: an inhumane soldier proudly holding up whatever is left of a human body.

The prison.
There were only one cell on each side of the original building left and some drawings were made to reflect the cells during the war (the doors behind us was just a drawing).
They even had human figures of the real prisoners from back then made and placed in the cell. Very creepy.
The 2 cages above are being used to stuff 5 prisoners and 3 prisoners in a cage respectively all at once.

At Cu-chi (pronounced "Khu-chee") Tunnel:
This was the highlight of the trip. One of the most memorable place i've ever visited.
Top left: me in one of the tunnel (that has been widen)
Centre (first row): me with a hole made for shooting enemies from below
Far right: the guy in green (guide) was showing us the few types of booby traps
Bottom (2nd from right): Air vents that was built similar to an ant hill
Bottom (far right): us having ubi rebus with ground peanuts and sugar. A taste of the staple food during the war.

We went down to Level 2 of the tunnel for only about 10 metres which was about 6m deep and were panting like mad before we even reach the exit!
[i couldn't help but notice that my husband's t-shirt was very cu-chi appropriate!]

The tunnel took 20 years to complete and was dug only by using small hoes and baskets. Built very systematically, it consists of 3 levels that held up to 6 underground villages, complete with hospitals, meeting rooms, resting areas, kitchens, family rooms, wells and emergency water escapes. The doors to the tunnels were made of special wood that expands when in contact with water, making the doors water-proof. (They really thought of every detail, it's just so impressive!). The doors and tunnels were also made just to the size of the locals. The foreigners have bigger built so they couldn't fit into it. Even these 2 foreigners had to go into the ones that was made bigger!

We were also told that there were no markings whatsoever to the entrances too. The people actually find the places by memorizing where the doors were actually located. Surely not made for the weak minds, and even weaker spirit. During the war, both men and women would have a rifle on one hand, and a gardening tool on the other - to fight the enemy and to make food to survive.

A photo that captured the happiness in the harshness of war.
A couple welcoming their baby.

Miss oily face (trying my best not to make the panting visible here) with a photo of a prominent heroine that fought during the war after losing her parents.
She is now residing in Ho Chi Minh City, aged 60 plus.

Check us out in action!
Trying out the Kalashnikov!
He hit on the target once.
Moi? Well, not even close.
So not war material, the both of us! Sigh..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

When 2 become 1

What do u get when you put my fav celeb..


my all time fav beautiful beast??

The new Range Rover Evoque!

I'm very excited! This came a little bit delayed on my end as usual because i'm such a busy woman ;p but here it is.
Mrs. Beckham was appointed as the creative consultant for the interior of the new Range Rover SUV and has even been named Top Gear magazine's Woman of the Year for the design. The car itself, was named Car of the Year by the magazine, in which Jeremy Clarkson (whom finding flaw is like his second nature) admitted that it was his favourite vehicle of 2011. Brilliant!

The stunning Evoque comes in a 5-door and a 3-door coupe with 2 turbo charged 4-cylinder engine choices: 2.0-litre petrol and 2.2-litre turbo diesel. And the best part is, the prices are relatively lesser than the usual selling price of a Range Rover too. Still expensive, but much less expensive. Naturally here in
Malaysia, lesser door will cost more but a 5-door vehicle usually works best for a girl like me :)

I especially love it in the red and black sporty interior as well as in the classic truffle.
I need to wipe my drool off the floor after this........


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The world is Jobsless

Even if i don't own any apple products (anymore), i would like to join the rest of the world to say thank you Steve Jobs, for the delicious apples.

I hope he will continue to inspire us all even though he has departed. I leave you with his inspiring speech someone had sent me a couple of years back, if you haven't seen it already.

Stay foolish, stay hungry. Thank you & RIP.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It could have been me..

George Clooney with his 31 year old girlfriend.. dang!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New egg on the block

Hey, guess what? I'm on twitter now! (Finally). I was in a dilemma to set up a twitter account (such drama to have a dilemma over such trivial stuff  like setting up a twitter account.. i know).

I'm clueless in the twitter world. Blogging is different. I like writing long... i need a lot of words, i love long phrases.. I just like the idea of throwing random words in the void  and babble about things and then look back whenever i feel like it. I just don't wanna bore people with things like.. what to have for dinner.. feel like having ice cream.. or tweeting something that annoys me that entail questions by concerned friends and ended up having to share my annoyance and explain the whole situation. I just feel that it's sometimes unnecessary (i'm a bit of a private person).. and i don't wanna caught myself saying things i can't take back. Basically, i'm just afraid that i might not be able to control myself la. Hehe.

My friends have been pressing me on this.. So what the heck, let's just do this..  See what other people are tweeting about and if i don;t like it i can just leave. And who knows, i might just like it too.

Then it was time to choose a username. This wasn't a breezy thing too. I've tried several:

azrarashid taken
azrara taken
azrarash sounds like i'm having a rash.. cancelled
azrashid doesn't sound right.. cancelled
nurazra taken
arzarun (nurazra spelled backwards) taken!
ladyq taken
ladyquixotic taken

then i got carried away...
ladyrara taken
ladylala taken
ladyqaqa also taken?!!

azramuz available
azramuza available
azra_rashid available
azramil available
ladyquixote available

And later i saw at the side of the username box, "Don't worry, you can change it later"... So there. I've joined some other 105,779,710 people on twitter. I'm a tweeter now. Is that what they call someone who tweets?