Saturday, April 7, 2012

Of Cranberries Live in KL

So they were in KL last week. I've only found out about it when my school friend tweeted about trying to get the tickets. She had asked me to come along for old time's sake.. i paused. I never thought of going, really. I  then i replied that i felt kind of funny to be going to a concert. Why? I don't know why.. i mean i would still enjoy listening to Dolores O'Riordan but i guess i just don't fancy going to a concert nowadays.

I texted my brother who is also a fan of the Irish band back in our school days.
Me: Hey, malam ni got Cranberries concert lah
Him: Kat mana?
Me: Stadium Merdeka
Him: Mesti dah sold out
Me: Yeah, they say the RM110 tix dh habis. Tinggal Rock Zone (220) and pit (300). We so lembab la.. X tau pun ada concert ni :P

How outdated are we??

I didn't really feel much after it was all over but i think if they were to perform again the next day, i might just drag the brother to go. For old time's sake.

[the only regret i had that night was telling hubby abt it because i wasn't sure how many times i heard him sang "zombie" after that... i mean come on, they have lots of other hit songs!]

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