Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something (old) that made me smile

I went to go to visit my grandmother at my aunt's last weekend. At breakfast, i was taken by surprise to see something old on the table. No, no.. not the grandma hehehe. But something i had bought her 20 years ago on my school trip to Melaka.

I got her the mug as a token of remembrance and appreciation for the extra pocket money she gave me for the trip. Hehe. I remembered she kept it in her display cabinet for years after i gave it to her and i have not seen it for so long! Now she's finally drinking off coffee from the cup.

I laughed over the fact that i just had to choose the one with the senget writing of the lot. Nice, huh! Hahaha. But it was just a sweet surprise after so long =)

Yes, i love you, Tok! And not just because of that extra money you gave me. But i love you for that too, of course! ;)

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