Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shop, Eat and Walk down memory lane with the cousins, JB

This was a planned trip with the cousins. One was attending the BIL's engagement, and another one is to bring the wife to JB for the first time. And since our grandparents' place are in the final process of selling (i'm so, so sad...) we thought we should go and pay our last respect to the good old house. I had so much fun and since we don't get this kind of opportunity very often, i just had to put most pictures in!

The Shopping Activity 
My husband and I arrived a day earlier and met up with Mr. & Mrs. Freen and their daughter, Lil M at JPO (the rave of JB town now, the Johor Premium Outlet). We had sort of a late night at my parents' house, but everyone were so semangat and got up early the next morning to start our activities, especially my eldest brother. We started the day with some retail therapy, doing some DVD shopping at Holiday Plaza. It was 10.15am when we arrived but most shops were still closed! HP is something like Low Yat but with funky disco attire and lots of fake LVs, Chanels, Guccis and the likes, cheap electronic accessories and DVDs are sold. 

At JPO with Mr. & Mrs. Freen and Lil M. I have been here before so i wasn't really checking out the place but merely "teman"ing the cousins and hanging out at the coffee place there and got some candies.

Buying cheap phone accessories and dvds at HP and 2nd trip to JPO.
(Someone burst his button on his pants and had to get one immediately. Lol).

Gastronomic Activity
Another main agenda for that weekend was to EAT! The favourite ABC at Wisma Ayer Molek is always on top of the list among us! Known as "Gerai Batu" by some locals, it's where our late Tok Bak used to bring us for an evening treat! I've blogged abt it here before. We also had the famous Mee Rebus Haji Wahid and some Yong Taufu soup at Angsana. Had Tip Top ikan bakar for dinner too as one of them was craving for it (also featured in the same blog entry as the one featuring the ABC). Husband and i left early after dinner on Saturday as we would have to start our journey back to KL very early the next day. The rest went to Danga Bay for some funfair fun.

Eating our hearts out. One of the must do in JB. 

Visiting the (late) Don's House - probably for the last time.
We started taking pictures in the almost empty rooms, reminiscing old memories, filling in fibs and tales to the inlaws of the happenings in the past that took place in the house as soon as we arrive.. The good old days.. *sniffs
Us taking a picture in late grandpa's room, in the living hall where we used to "tidur lambak" when everyone comes back for Raya or on school breaks and one in the garden where my cousin had to take home a banana tree as requested by the mom. It was successful only after the second attempt. Hehe.

More of us taking fun, silly photos.
Bottom left is a picture of the husband looking on at the 3 cousins posing in the room they used to watch "Ultraman" together! ;) Notice that there's an air quote. Hehehe

The house has been up for sale for a while and it was almost sold some time ago before our grandma changed her mind... I was somehow hoping that it would stay that way as i'd hate to see the place taken over by somebody else and having to see the place being done differently. But now it's finally happening.. I could very much understand how my grandmother feels. She has stayed there for 40 over years! How could you separate with something that has been with you that long? I was in tears too when they told us that they were selling the house at first. How could i not? I practically grew up in that house. My grandpa would take us almost every weekend to stay with them. It's like our (school) holiday house too! Our playground, growing up. It has been a major part of my life and holds so many bittersweet memories... (but that's life right? All these material things will mean nothing eventually, when the time comes to be called to meet the Creator).

I'm sure gonna miss the house so much.
It's a shame the 4th generation of En. Md. Said will never get to know the place.

It was a fun weekend and i look forward to trips like this again, Insya Allah.

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