Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Have you seen the movie? Well, i loved it. I know the review isn't great.. but still, i enjoyed it. Partly because i can relate to most of what the author was experiencing, or over the simple fact that i heart Julia Roberts, or Javier Bardem is just too sexy, or because James Franco is so charming and makes my "liver" go aaaaahhhh......... *melt*. It also made me wanna re-visit Bali and get on a plane to Italy! In short, i don't care what the review says but i loved the movie. But of course, the movie and the book can never be the same.

I think everybody should embark on a journey to find oneself, inner peace and happiness. For some, it may take longer and more hardship than others. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

I for one, seek solace and comfort from these 3 elements.

I eat when i'm distressed. And i don't mean just eat. I would most prefer meat. Dragging my brother/mr. for a slab of juicy meat after a rough day at the office is not something very novel when i was serving the corporate world. I just feel better afterwards and then i'll start bitching about it. Eat first, talk later and i would be somewhat cured.

I'm sure talking to God has definitely helped you numerous times. Well, me too! I feel that we should speak to God often because you know you can trust Him. I may not be the most pious person, but i find it more rewarding as you won't know whether a person is genuine in listening to all your troubles, but God is. Always. You would probably still be angry or just as confused after "speaking" to him, and you may not get an answer right that instance, but it sure does makes one feel calmer. Much calmer. At least i do. And when you are more in the 'zen' zone, you can think better. 

Love works in its own mysterious ways, don't you agree? Being in the arms of your loved one can surely makes your day and makes you feel so much better when you are having a bad day. Even when he/she doesn't have the slightest clue of what's going on, but just by holding you for that few seconds would somehow release somekind of magic that makes you feel tonnes lighter. Like a huge weight been lifted off your shoulders. Ahhh.. the power of LOVE :)
It's true, opening your heart again after it's been (greatly) broken is not easy, but tell me something i don't know. Getting over that someone from your past is never easy. Heck, there were times i felt like i'd rather die. It's just too much pain. (If only we could select certain memories and erase them forever. Life would be so much easier). But life's a pain and it must go on. I believe making peace with ourselves first is a very good start.

Before signing off, i just would like to wish that you find that peace and happiness in yourself (if you haven't already). Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Have a blessed day. And go watch the movie and see what you think of it.

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Peachy said...

I love the movie too! Kuar wayang je aku senyum memanjang. The reviews weren't great kan? But i really enjoyed it. Javier bardem tuh mmg soo drool worthy ah hihihi!