Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Syndrome. Yes/No/Maybe?

It is this year that my fellow friends that were born in the same year turn the Big 3-0. Yep, some couldn't wait to join the hubby in his 30's (since it's inevitable might as well join in and have fun, one would think ;)), some were rather cool, some indifferent and of course, not forgetting the ones with the blues.. heheh.

The recent birthday celeb was celebrated well, Glamorously (that was the theme). I had planned to go for a glam chic look by pairing my new top with my staple piece, the blue jeans. I only had about half and hour to get ready before i was terribly fashionably late. In the short frame of time, i made a decision to sacrifice 2 major pieces of my ensemble for something more practical.

1. The jeans - I had planned to put on a different wash, the dark blue denim but then decided to change as that particular pair would limit me on my food intake, due to the waist cut.

2. The bag - I chose a
small handbag as opposed to a clutch . As i was entrusted of bringing (and making) the cake, being the klutz that i am, i knew without the Mr. accompanying me to lend a help, it simply would spell disaster to clutch a bag under my arm and carry the cake box all at the same time. I can so imagine myself putting the clutch on top of the box or under my arm(pit) and then dropping it, then having to put down the cake to collect it back again. I opted for a small handbag that dangled on my arm while i carry the box instead. And lucky me, we had to climb up a great flight of stairs to reach the restaurant!

so the outcome:

Ugh.. *covers face It bugs me when i look the pictures, okay.. i have to admit. Well, fine. Clothes are not what define you. But your appearance shows your personality, right? I'm not sure how i managed to smile. Probably from all the comfiness :p Is this a sign of aging? Trading style for comfort? Well true, i always do go for comfort first, but not in times of need for style..

Besides that, I also noticed that of late, i always try to find something airy/flowy to wear instead of a usual pair of jeans before i go out... 30 syndrome??? Oh God, please NO!!!


peachy said...

Aku ke yang blues tuh babe? hehehe But it's true ah azra..Finally we are in the same age group as the husbands' hehehehe!

azra said...

Hehehe. What do u think? But it's not that bad, kan.. :)