Thursday, October 14, 2010


Me and 3 others went to watch a theatre at The Actors Studio, Lot 10 last night. It was the malay version of the ancient Greek myth, Medea. The play is about the revenge of a wife whose husband betrayed her by taking on another wife for wealth and power which ends with the tragic death of not only of the new bride but her own children too. (I thought it's pronounced as Ma-day-ah but the casts pronounced it as Media. As in publication/communication media, media). 

The main cast, Azizah Mahzan delivered a very impactful act and i have to say my first time watching a malay play was not at all bad. (I haven't had the chance to go see PGL so i can't compare here. But then again, this is a small production). The background gamelan arrangement combined with short dikir barat performances was good too. All in all, a great performance. If interested, you might still stand a chance to catch the show till Oct 16th at The Actors Studio. Info here.

**The Actors Studio, Lot 10 opened in October last year, has a very nice ambience and has that KL Pac feel to it (outdoors) but i didn't get the chance to take any photos to be shared here as we were too busy trying to look for a place for dinner before the show starts. (Lot 10 has changed so much since we last visited, we were practically lost!). And did u know that the food court are now all non-halal? No wonder a chinese man had this puzzled look on his face when he saw our clueless faces :p

I'll leave you now with a photo of someone who happily drank off a shoe that night..

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