Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Big Three-O

Speaking of the d@mn number, it was a pretty big deal for me that we go out to mark my big day -for some reasons i don't even know how to explain. Notice that i said 'go out'? To have a do at my own place would mean i have to clean up after my own party. Now, who's going to do that, right? I guess it's the same case with some of my friends. This year was just different for us. It's just kind of well, BIG.

Let's see some of our moments celebrating the merriment of turning Big Three-O, shall we? Let's go chronological.

First, mine. I wanted a good dinner with my family. I felt like having tapas so we went to Uno. I always have loved the pasta here (before they increase their prices. Since then, we only visit the restaurant once a while, whenever the moon turns blue. Hehe). My only disappointment that night was that they have a limited selection of tapas on weekends. Tsk.. Of all days! So annoying.

Me and my cake moment.
Not every year i get to have this, so cut me some slack, yeah? :)

I had such a good time Anyways, it would have been nicer if dad was there too.

Next up was my friend, Chey whom had insisted i made an exception to make her birthday cake in the fasting month. It was celebrated in the comfort of her inlaw's house. Can you imagine? Her inlaws threw her a birthday party! With tents and all. Lucky girl! The mum-in-law has a catering business, so food wasn't an issue. There was a big buffet spread and why, of course the food was good.. they had grilled lamb! :D

She said the theme of her party was Thirty, Flirty & Thriving.. I didn't even know there was a theme until she told me at the party. Whatever. Lol.

And the most recent was Chy's Glamorous birthday celeb. Held at Neo Luxe and Lounge, Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nice ambience, even nicer food! (Thanks, chy.. :)). I hope she had gotten over her blues after all that scrumptious food.. I know i would! (Yes. Hi, my name is Azra and i seek comfort in food.. -_-).

Lots of phototaking slash camwhoring took place, as usual :) Everyone looked nice. Well, i could have done better. I know it shouldn't involve too much effort but what can i say, glamour is not my cup of tea. It's mum's. Haha.. (Hehehe..sorry mum). The only testimony that I was indeed glamour that night was that i have cake glitters all over my body, underneath all that coverings. Haha..

Another one is coming up real soon... though she still hasn't decided if there is going to be a party. Whatever it is, have a ball! It's not like every year that you get to turn 30. And don't forget to be thankful to the Big Guy too! ;)

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