Saturday, October 23, 2010

Of gardening, the garden and the bloody annoying gardener

I adore beautiful gardens be it small or big. When we were checking out our place before moving in, i told the husband how much i loved the back yard. I would never extend the back for a bigger kitchen or room because we would then lose that small area. We haven't done anything to it ever since we moved in except cutting the grass (that's almost 5 years now) until earlier this year. I have the idea of a herb garden but what can i say, after a few miserable attempts, i have to admit that gardening is just not my forte. God knows i've tried!

We finally decided to change the grass for both front and back lawn (when my eyes could no longer take the sight of weeds growing happily in the "garden"). I had been tending to the front lawn a couple of years back with much love and well, some care even with very little knowledge in gardening. You have to give me some credit for the effort, right?

Then one day, after we got back from travelling, one of my favourite plant (sorry, i have no idea what it's called) got attacked by these white stuffs (Dad says it's "benah") so i had to throw them away. The weather hasn't been gentle to the plants too so some of them were already dead by that time. And then more plants went dead. Ugh. I was so frustrated.

Anyways, after changing to pearl grass, the garden looked nice again and less panic but then some old grass (the thinner and taller ones) started growing back in the back yard. And they are back with a vengeance. Called the gardener but i suspect this guy only appears in front of our gate only when he is in need of cash. 

A day after completing the first job, he came to our house to borrow some cash. I don't know what he told the Mr. but he got the money and said he would come back the next day to return the cash and to trim some branches that i now suspect he conveniently had forgotten about. Days passed, nothing. The husband tried calling him several times, no answer. When i called, he answered. Only because he didn't have my number. He told the Mr. that his wife was sick and has been in the hospital for a few days. That he would drop by our place once she's better. Fine.

Then one day on our way back home from some errands, i saw him working at one of our neighbour's house. We turned back and spoke to him "nicely". He came by our house later that afternoon to look at the backyard and (again) said would come the next day for the grass and branches. He did this time. But had told me to pay him for the grass he had to get from the nursery. I told him he has to wait for my husband for that and that we would pay AFTER the job, thinking that we wouldn't have to pay him since he did a lousy job the first time and the fact that he owes us money. But after everything was done, he still got paid and left us with the sweet promises that the unwanted grass won't be back. The Mr. paid him because he said he needed the money and that we can call him to do work for free the next time. Yeah right. 

Now guess what? The bloody grasses are back again. Sigh. I'm thinking of doing something to that particular area as some parts are not badly affected and also perhaps hiring a proper person to help upkeep the garden. One that wouldn't cut our throat or get on my nerves. I have the urge to do it myself but given the history, i'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Oh yeah by the way, he also told me that he hasn't been well and has been in the hospital before started working at my neighbour's. Familiar? First the wife, now him. Hmm. When i asked, "sakit apa?", he answered, "sudah mau mati lah saya rasa..". I'm sorry, but all i have in the back of my mind was, Baguslah tu, John!

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