Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Going Domestic

After four years of employment, hubby and i decided for me to opt for a premature retirement. I finally waved goodbye to secretarial practice. Think i’m done with that for now. To answer those who are wondering what i’m up to these days (for whatever reasons) well, I cook, clean, garden, run errands, read, (blog) and whatever that qualifies me as a homemaker.

It has been about four months since i left work (after having gone thru a dreadful surgical episode), and the other day i suddenly find myself in the position of a shrink. Friends started coming to confide in me for problems regarding career, relationships (particularly this), health, even financials and i thought, Wow! Maybe i should start charging!! Haha.. There are days gone by where i exclusively attend to the free advice-dispensing and view-exchanging activities via the instant messaging with my usual comrades simply because i CAN :D. But the days are often filled with purely domestic chores such as cooking meals, ironing and cleaning the house. I definitely enjoy to finally having the time to read, going to the movies and travelling when hubby is off duty. We didn’t get to do much travelling before (even to the nearest mall) as we don’t always get the luxury of having weekends together.

Anyways, i think i have been procrastinating to apply for a part time job long enough now. Need to update that CV and get it going (before more questions come deafening my ears from the parents). And hopefully i get to earn some bucks soon to at least fulfill my shoe cravings among others :)

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