Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty boy Kris

He stunned many (including himself) when he was announced as one of the top three last week in American Idol and now he's in the final. Yes, he can sing and yes, he performed well in ONE of his songs before America voted Danny Gokey out. But i have to say, without that face and that smile, he wouldn't have gotten this far. I know looks sell but if that wins over talent, it just sickens me. I mean, that Gokey guy is more talented. All i'm saying now is, he better not win!

[Obviously i'm irritated. Well, how can i not when it's the only TV show i actually follow. Go to my labels and click TV and you'll find it's all posts on American Idol if you don't believe me ;p].


Anonymous said...

My, my, what a sad life you have.

azra said...

Shaddup you!