Monday, March 22, 2010

Recent bakes

For mum's birthday.
Rich Buttercake with pink and ivory buttercream rose swirls.
(This is not that recent, though. Done in January).

3D Lightning Mc Queen.
Chocolate chip cake with buttercream plus, a candy bar.

A girlish theme for a 16 year old.
Done in 3 flavours,
Buttercake, Buttercake with choc chip & Chocolate cake.
This was challenging and time consuming.... i was so relieved when it's all done! :D

A gift for a relative's engagement.
This girl is mad about these classic roses.
Done in chocolate cake with buttercream.

A separate box for her own consumption :)


Elle said...

You bake gorgeous cakes! Bila nak buat for me ni? hmmm....what's the next celebration ya........abg shahrin's bday!!! but that's in August. Lama lagi...ada catalogue tak?

azra said...

Thanks, K.Lita.
I know one ocassion... Housewarming! :D
I can bake for abg shahrin's bday - for FREE if u can make a painting for my bday, which happens to be in august too! Hehehe....
Takde catalogue lagi la.. cuz i'm actually doing this to fill my time & it's such a coincidence that ppl started ordering and ehem, repeating orders.. Chewah! Hehehe..

azra said...

Ilie baca comment i ni sure menyampah.. hahaha!

ilie said...

tgh muntah ni...hahahahah