Sunday, October 2, 2011

New egg on the block

Hey, guess what? I'm on twitter now! (Finally). I was in a dilemma to set up a twitter account (such drama to have a dilemma over such trivial stuff  like setting up a twitter account.. i know).

I'm clueless in the twitter world. Blogging is different. I like writing long... i need a lot of words, i love long phrases.. I just like the idea of throwing random words in the void  and babble about things and then look back whenever i feel like it. I just don't wanna bore people with things like.. what to have for dinner.. feel like having ice cream.. or tweeting something that annoys me that entail questions by concerned friends and ended up having to share my annoyance and explain the whole situation. I just feel that it's sometimes unnecessary (i'm a bit of a private person).. and i don't wanna caught myself saying things i can't take back. Basically, i'm just afraid that i might not be able to control myself la. Hehe.

My friends have been pressing me on this.. So what the heck, let's just do this..  See what other people are tweeting about and if i don;t like it i can just leave. And who knows, i might just like it too.

Then it was time to choose a username. This wasn't a breezy thing too. I've tried several:

azrarashid taken
azrara taken
azrarash sounds like i'm having a rash.. cancelled
azrashid doesn't sound right.. cancelled
nurazra taken
arzarun (nurazra spelled backwards) taken!
ladyq taken
ladyquixotic taken

then i got carried away...
ladyrara taken
ladylala taken
ladyqaqa also taken?!!

azramuz available
azramuza available
azra_rashid available
azramil available
ladyquixote available

And later i saw at the side of the username box, "Don't worry, you can change it later"... So there. I've joined some other 105,779,710 people on twitter. I'm a tweeter now. Is that what they call someone who tweets?


Peachy said...

You succumbed to public pressure, I see.

AZRA said...

More like peer pressure, babe! Phew! Haha ;P

dd said...

hahaha azra.. u md me laugh.. i pun br je into twitter but im following only 8 close frens n that its..

AZRA said...

U mesti terjebak dgn peer pressure gak ni! Haha.