Monday, August 18, 2008


My sister-in-law just reminded me of my birthday. I honestly wasn't aware it was coming so soon.
Hmm.. perhaps i didn’t realise how time really flies..Or that i don’t think it's really that big a deal.
Or perhaps i was trying hard not to think about it (and it worked!).
Or i was hoping i still have months to go.
Or maybe it's because i have had 27 birthdays before? Haha.
(I remember having gone to the circus with grandpa (and my brother) on my 7th birthday and only realised that it was my birthday the next day!). So maybe it happens like every 21 years? I wonder.
Oh, and the other day i have also forgotten my best friend's birthday! When i wished her apologetically, she went.. "How can you forget? It's only 20 days away from yours!" Maybe that's why i have forgotten hers. Because i didn't remember mine. Gosh, i hope nothing serious is happening to me.
p/s: To the best friend, again, I am sorry. And yes, i still owe you a wedding present due to my absence. To SIL, thank you for reminding. And the proposal sounds kind of fun too! :)


ilie said...

age is just a number..i know u lost count of the date.. i would if i were u too..hehehe

btw..ive booked thgs for the proposal...

AZRA said...

I know it's just numbers, i just can't believe how big the number is getting now! Haha!

Thanks. But let me remind you again, i won't be held responsible for your actions, guys!

Jasni AJ said...

Lama cuti Azra, kaki tak baik lagi ke?

Jasni AJ