Monday, August 18, 2008

The one with the dialogue.. of a broken toe

It was 2 days ago. I was getting out of bed. I climbed to the foot of the bed and somehow the littlest toe of my right foot got caught in the gap between the mattress and the bed frame as the rest made it out of the bed. I think. It's either that, or that i accidentally folded and sat on it. I felt a sudden twinge. But being the clutz that i am, the pain was rather typical and i did not think that i had hurt myself seriously till i looked down on my foot. (That was after hubby asked, "why are you walking like that?" I casually said “Oh, kaki i tersangkut kat katil tadi..”)
Much to my horror and amazement, i saw the fifth toe sticking out pointing at 2 o’clock! In shock, i could not help but to burst into laughter! It was really funny! Painful, but really funny nevertheless. I swear if you look at it, you will hoot in disbelief too! (I have a pix taken while waiting for the doc but am not gonna post it since it looked too awful!) I pointed to hubby still in utter astonishment and he thought that i was pulling some kind of an acrobatic stunt, that i could do that naturally. Can u believe that? I then finally stopped laughing when suddenly it hit me. Is it broken? He stopped the chuckle too and we rushed to the clinic. I was then referred to the hospital.
I had officially broke my toe. It was after seeing the Ferrari & Liverpool avid supporter doctor who twice jabbed anaesthetic on each side of the toe and with a Bismillah pulled it with a small ‘ktak’ sound and an X-ray later that it was confirmed. (I sure hope it has nothing to do with hubby disclosing that he is a Mc Laren fan).
The conversation that took place in his clinic was as follows:
Doc: So what happened to you?
Clutz: I think my toe got dislocated or maybe it's broken.
Doc: Okay, let's have a look at it. Over here (pointing at the bed while making his way).
I carefully slipped off my slippers.
Doc: Boleh pakai slipper lagi?
Clutz: :) (tersengih)
Doc: Did you kick him? (suddenly he asked, referring to the hubby)
Clutz: What? Nooo! (How could i? That's derhaka ok)
Doc: Did he kick you then? (Lowering his voice now, followed by a laughter)
Clutz: Hahaha.. Takkk (Berani la buat)
Doc: So what happened?
I told him.
Doc: Hmm.. oklah i percaya that is the truth (Chaih)
Clutz: Well it is, trust me. (reassuring him though i cannot help laughing along because i too can't believe how it happened)
Doc: Ok i think i believe you (still laughing.. haha)
He said in most cases where ppl hurt especially their pinky more often than not, refuse to tell that they were involved in a fight. So that's why he asked.
The poor broken fellow is now tied to the guy next to him and will have to be bound together for 2 weeks to allow it to heel naturally. Two times a day, i need to put ice on it for 10 minutes or so. But i can walk fine. Not as good, but still, fine. Alhamdulillah, Thank God.
I still make it to my cousin’s engagement later that evening and my friend’s wedding yesterday afternoon though in slippers :)


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AZRA said...

u be careful now. I told fayin that i might have moved up to ur place as ms. clutz no.1 now.. :P


ya allah... ngeri nye la u ni... hehe.

Aliza Azran said...

babe!! so sorry but u made me laugh!! sorry again...get well soon ya!!muah!

AZRA said...

little dewa: ngeri jugakla.. hehe

aliza: no worries.. i laughed too. and when told mum she marah2 because i was laughing abt it but when she saw the pix, she too, laughed! Hehee

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haaa bole gitu eh?