Friday, August 15, 2008

Dr. Martens

A cousin of mine is busy looking for one to replace his old pair that he has given away only to regret it later. He has been bugging me (not that i don't enjoy his bugging) on msn on this and i decided to write about the footwear -- Dr. Martens, Doc Marts, DMs.

I am a shoe lover (though i have to admit to have a weakness for bags too). I have a pair of Doc Martens purchased wa.....aaaay back when i was about 17 years old in which i love to bits and still have them till this very day!

It was the IN thing at that time. Everybody has to have one. And so, with much love (for shoes) and determination, i finally get to buy the shoes from the neighbouring country, as our place in JB has not many variety. You can only get them from places like the Old West or Rock Station at that time and the designs were very, very limited (and that the kind available were more of those the skinheads would wear - 10 or 14 holes).

I bought my DMs with the hard earned money i received from working 9-5 while waiting for the SPM result as my parents never shower us with such luxury and trust me, it will only be asking for death if i ever voice out such request. It is by far the most expensive shoes i've ever spent on (though i just splurged on a black heel pump that is of higher price yesterday, but it was at a 60% discount, so practically the DMs still remain my most expensive shoes). It was about RM400 after conversion but it was money well spent. (Mum, if you're reading this, i know i said it was around RM200+ last time (or did i say RM100+?), but that was so long ago, so let's just forgive and forget, ok?)

I used to pair them up with jeans, mini skirts, even dresses for outings, it was perfect. Mum and dad used to tease me of the difficulty to take them off and putting them back on when visiting but i didn't mind at all. I was very happy with the pair! :)

The classic
Dr. Martens boots is in black leather and with the signature yellow stitching (as small pix above). But they do come in different designs and colours. I once saw the one in electric blue and fell in love with it instantly. But being the practical gal that i am, i managed to refrain myself to fall for it since it will be odd to be running around in electric blue boots in most cases and that you can't pair them up with a green dress or a red skirt. Maybe some of you would, but it's just not my style. So, i bought myself a 6 holes in light brown suede instead (large pix). (They now have this delicious chili red pump i just saw online).

I've stopped wearing them altogether now, but back then in college days up in North, it has served me well (apart from my selipar jepun) during my years of exploring the island of Langkawi going up and down the hills of Telaga Tujuh and Durian Perangin to name a few, during nights out fishing at the jetty and going to classes (in style) when it was raining cats and dogs, given it's durability. My brother had several times worn the DM's to the wet market nowadays because not only they protect him from the wetness, they are non-slip too!
As for me, i'm planning to keep it. I may use them again some day. For hiking or something and if it goes back in style i'd still wear them, even with the hijab. Or with kids. I don't mind :)


peachy said...

huhuhu...everyone has to have one! the DMs were the rage those days..aku pun tipu mak aku, babe..and aku beli guna duit raya...kuikuikui..

AZRA said...

Oh... kau pun sama ye, chy. Hahahaha.... I remember urs was 8 holes tapi kaler apa aku dah lupa! Hehehe..

ilie said...

i thk u should hav a a walk in closet for all ur shoes..somethg like carrie's..ok.ok that's too much..but ilurve the concpet n since u have tons2 n tons of shoes..y not...

AZRA said...

what tons n tons n tons? Did you not hear wat mamil said the other day?? Let me refresh your memory, "Takdelah, mana Azra ada banyak kasut?" hehehe.. - which is true :)

And let me remind what your husband said, " eleh.. u tu.. i tgk skang lagi banyak kasut dari i!!" hahhh!

pure_evs said...

YEAH man! I used to beg my dad to buy me Dr Marts. I even saved my duit raya to buy a pair (black ones-8 hole) at Sg Wang, in a full on "rocker shop" one, which I dont think I will enter at this age. I remember my brother grew out of his 6 holes- brown, I got his (my feet didnt seem to grow). Then dinas's blue (velvet 6 ones) which I also got because her feet grew from size 3 to size 6 in 2 months. HAHAHAHA. And I had a 3 holes, maroon, which was my fav! *some indon fella is wearing it now, coz its all stolen from my moms*

AZRA said...

Wow! lucky you! Dinas's feet grew frm size 3-6 in 3 months?? Omg, what did ur mom feed her?? Hahaha.. well, in my case, if i were to get my brothers' shoes, i need to grow my feet by 2-3 sizes! That would be weird though. Hahaha..