Friday, October 24, 2008

No photos of felines, please!

If you love your cats, please don't take photos of them. I wanted to blog and post a photo of this cat we found days ago but the conversation i had with my cousin last week stopped me from doing so.

I'm sure some of you have heard that if you take a photo of them (i'm not sure if this only applies to cats), it will die. It may be of pure coincidence but since it has happened more than once to some people i know, i am now just too afraid that it might happen to our new little cat. I am not superstitious, just being careful here.

Anyways, his name is Scabby, after his scabby ears :)



hehehe. ade ke gitu? xde la. i took gazzillion pixs o my cats dulu, ok je pjg jugak umur mereka :) baiknye u kutip kucing... we once had 3 cats & 8 kittens tp they had 2 b given away atas sebab2 yg x dpt dielakkan. huhu.

AZRA said...

it happened to my uncle and a cousin that day, so that's y i takut.. hehe..

i hv a number of our cats pix from childhood too tapi i don't know what happened to them.

we now have one adult cat (aslan) that we feed because he refused to go back to his tuan's house near ours and now we have scabby the new kitten which the vet told us is only abt 7 mths old. Baru 10 days, perut dah buncit! :)

pure_evs said...

hehehe yeah, I was like that too, until someone told me that its ok to take a foto of your cat with your phone camera, without the flash. Apparently, cats eyes are very sensitive with flash from the digital camera. Sensitive meaning they can be temporarily be blinded, hence, they can get hit by a car etc..
but ive taken fotos of jayda and scrat (with fone camera, without flashes). so far so good, touch wood. Insyaallah amin...

AZRA said...

yeah?? i didn't wanna believe it, but life's a mystery.. and nothing is impossible, right? Maybe that explains it.. the flash i mean. It is logic. (I know someone who would agree with u on this - logic and scientific explanations are vital! ;))

Santiniboy said...

The thing about photographing felines, is its uncanny coincidence. I had a cat once, called Topeng, which I took pictures of. A few months later, she became very sick. I searched all her photos and burned them. By sheer coincidence, she made it through.

Santiniboy said...

Felines, no. But for a pussy cat, can I think.

...:::Ms Quincy:::... said...

i'm just one of the blogger member who wants to interrupt and put my comment here..
i have two adorable and fat cats..i took millions picture of them since they were young..
Alhamdullilah they still alive until now..with pockets of fats here and there..