Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 weeks..

.. was how long i have been missing from my blog. Not that i don't have anything to share, but during the fasting month, i was simply drained out. (I'm just so glad i don't have to get up for work this time. I don't know how i manage to keep up the last 2 years, seriously). And after that, i have to admit that i have some trouble to begin writing again.

Ok. A lot has happened since 5 weeks ago, since i've been tagged. There's the (sudden) passing of an aunt. Remember my entry on Kampung (an unintended long entry)? The nice old lady who showed me how to pick mangosteens (we call her Mak Bung ) passed away during the fasting month. I went back to my hometown to be with my family on the first day of puasa, and visited her and Mak Wan (hubby's grandma) at his aunt's place. She was all well, free from any signs of sickness. But suddenly we were hit by the news that she was admitted to the hospital. She passed away on the 3rd week of Ramadhan, a few days after discovering that she had a tumor on her spine and had to go for immediate surgery. The surgery was successful, though the doctor said the chances for her to heal was not very promising. Unfortunately, her heart collapsed and was announced dead on Friday night at 8.46pm at HKL. It happened so fast. She was such a nice old lady, warm at all times. She had always made me feel comfortable from the very first time i met her at my SIL's wedding. I can never forget her for being chatty (i don't mean irritatingly chatty, but rather in a sweet and friendly way). May you rest in peace.
Mak Bung

Fasting month has always been a simple affair for us. No fancy buffet or anything like that. And we don't like the food bazaar too. I just think buffet spreads are overpriced and the food they sell at the bazaar most often than not, sucks. I do lots of cooking during this time of the year. Maybe even more than i do in a year! Haha. Just simple dishes and desserts, though. I stayed up most nights till sahur time (because we missed 2 days of sahur early ramadhan, leavingme feeling guilty endlessly). I was never a sahur person, but since it's mandatory for the hubby, i had to prepare meals according to his odd work hours. I would just mostly prepare them, but never really touched anything. Just a glass of yoghurt drink for a dose of calcium and a bottle of plain water for me. I normally could not sleep after that, so i would stay up watching Grey's Anatomy. Hence, you can imagine my sleeping pattern was such a mess. So much for spiritual cleansing, eh. I know :"

Then it was raya time. Oh before that, my car is back! At last, just in time for raya. We get to do the long travel in her after such a long wait (yes, it's a she). I was very fortunate that the engine was not affected by the crash [pix here]. Only major bodyworks had to be done but we need to send it back, as we (or rather he) found some defects here and there (it's handy to have an expert on cars with you :)). I did some maintenance and uplifting job around the house for raya (with the help from my handy men, of course). Mounted a mirror at the dining area, put a fresh coat of white paint for the exterior wall that was long overdue, put up photo frames around the place and bought some plants and slates for the garden. No baju raya or kasut raya for me this year. I don't normally have that anyway as i am not really a raya person ever since.. well, i turned 10 maybe? 

Why? Let me just say being the only daughter with 3 brothers does not put you in that raya spirit so much. (Except for the duit raya :)). The cleaning, the cooking, the ironing for the whole household.. blegh. But ever since i got married, it's always putting the house together that i look forward to mostly come Hari Raya. And i do enjoy a good gathering at friends' and relatives' (only the nice ones, though.. haha), having people at our place and the good food. And that's that.

Pixes of my handymen at work.
Tak payah upah Bangla ;)

Kid bro getting off old paint before putting on a fresh new one.

Hubby measuring precisely where to drill to install the mirror.
I was the consultant and the QC lady :)
Signing off now, wishing you and your family a blessed Aidilfitri. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin from moi. Cheers!


ms ngantuk said...

welcome back!
heh u had to do ironing for everyone? omg thank God mom didn't push that on me, in fact she treated all of us equally bila do chores. resultnya: i am only daughter and LAZIEST child! hahaha!

AZRA said...

Thx.. hmmph.. tu la pasal.. masa kecik ok lagi, after that semuanya panjang2 kan.. baju-seluarnya pun panjang2lah kan.. tu la when ppl dgr the only daughter, normally they wud say.. oh anak manja lah ni.. Right!


kite senasib walau i'm the youngest o 6 girls! only retired bile dh kawin sbb raya's eve is spent @ in-laws'

eh... welcome back!

AZRA said...

U're the youngest of 6 girls and have to do chores sorang2 ke?? And do ironing for them too?? Kalau i dah lari rumah.. hahaha..

ilie said...

it doesn't help oso wen ur SIL who is oso an oni dotter hates to do do hse chores..heheh

AZRA said...

yeah, i know.. haha!