Thursday, December 31, 2009

17 years is a long time!

I finally made it to one of our small reunion from the primary school group! Yay! Honestly, i had my reservations at first and didn't know what to expect since we have not seen each other for almost 2 decades.. I wasn't sure if we actually have things to talk about, whether or not they will be the same nice people (because people change. And for some, oddly enough, are only nice when u don't actually meet them). But as it turns out, we couldn't stop talking and had more refills (and restroom visits) to go on! I'm glad i didn't ffk the last minute. Hehehe.

We met at Friday's, The Gardens where we sat for 4 hours! Only 6 of us turned up since some already had plans for the long holiday, but we had great fun anyways :D

Friendships rekindled
Here's another class photo. Sadly, it's the only class photo i have from the primary school days:

Taken circa 1992
There's a similarity of me in this photo and this one.
Your take?
(you bet i'm the sweet and innocent one! nyahaha..)
God, i miss those days! Though, i wouldn't wanna go back and go through everything all over again.. :)

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