Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spring in December

What i'd like to say is that i am proud to be the first one to leave class this time.. heheh. I know, it's not a competition but it's a big achievement for me :D What motivated me? Well, i was running late to fetch the Mr! :P

Learner vs. Teacher
This is how the chrysanthemum should look like.
Mine, of course is the one looking like a tepee..

And here are some i've made for a friend.. (she was asking me why i didn't put them up on my blog. Honestly, i'm uber shy :)).
Here goes nothing..

For her mum in law's birthday.

Dadi translates mum in Pakistani.

Trying out mini hydrangeas.

For the sister.
Experimenting with bright hues.
Note to self: To use the bright colours for the lettering background next time.. i think it will look nicer.

And this is a simple one i made for the lil kid who "helped" me bake for my friend's order. Sorry you only got 3 pieces, Naufal. Next time, perhaps when Aunty Azra is able to work her hands faster!

Funny how it never occurred to me that i'd be doing this for a side income - especially given the fact that i don't bake. I actually went for the class because i received a request to make my nephew's birthday cake from the mother. I have another order this week, Alhamdulillah. It's true what they say, sometimes the best things happen when you least expected it ;)


peachy said...

Babe, I support you!! I'll order from you when I need one kay!

azra said...

Hey, thanks babe! :)

yaya baker said...

Cik, kite tersilap inform awak.... Dadi means Grandma. Sorry abt that. This Urdhu-languange-thing is still new to me. hehe..

AZRA said...

Hahaha.. grandma ke?? What's Nani, then??

yaya baker said...

Dadi = Grandma belah father
Nani = Grandma belah mom.. so, basically, ur mom should be called Dadi instead of Nani... haha. confusing rite? Thats y my mom suruh Ryan panggil dia Grandma. kehkeh.

azra said...

Hang on, hang on. Before I say anything else, let me start by congratulating u on being another step forward. From bookmark a webpage to leaving comments on blogs. Congratulations, Ya!! Hihihihi..
So. I see.. Mcm chinese gak la. Maternal granma n paternal granma panggil lain.
Btw, Paki descendant suh panggil grandma, javanese descendant suh panggil nani.. Grandmothers... haha.