Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mission accomplished!

The nephew's birthday celebration finally came. Elmo was the lucky (or not) character the mother had chosen for my task. These are what i came up with:

Initially the plan did not include the dialogue box. But when i saw the birthday candle the mum had bought, i knew i needed a change of plan. Either that, or we needed new candles. In the end, the mishap i had was what saved the day.

What's worse, I only realised that my oven was not working properly when i saw the outcome of the first Elmo. It was a DISASTER!! It was distorted, lopsided. I had to turn the next one the other way round after half baking time and prayed hard for the cake to rise nicely. Lucky for me, it turned out okay.

I would definitely hate to see the first one goes to waste (stuffing myself with it was obviously not a solution, and to serve it to any guests would be a disgrace!) so, the Mr. suggested that i do something with it. I needed a new plan anyways. That's when i thought of the dialogue bubble. And so i did damage control. Reconstructed the whole thing, improvised a bit here and there and voila! With not much expertise, i manage to salvage it! Hahh! Thanks to the beauty of frosting, it helps to conceal all the flaws :D But i admit that it wasn't my best effort. I was too drained to make it any nicer.. bolehla, kan? I hope the birthday boy liked it anyways..

Side profile of the (still edible) lopsided Elmo.
It was taken out of the mould by utter frustration, hence the bad complexion.
(I also had to warn the mother as to which part can be cut for the guests given the nature of its construction :p).

Happy 2nd Birthday, kid!
Aeeaeyyouuu!! (he knows what it means :))


ilie said...

thanks tey..for the superb cake..we all loved it....sian elmo..but we had to wallip the cake..hihih..starting to think of next years theme..hihih the kiddo was all excited wen he saw the cake..hav been asking for the cake everyday since post party..he says aiyeyuuu too..

Azrey Rozie Eiman said...

i love the cake... cantiksss sesgt. Geram tgk. sgt talented.. well done! Eicha pun cakap.. "mummy, comelnye cake harris!"

hyldaa said...

Hie kak azra! kak liana gave me the link to ur blog when i asked about your cakes.

btw i so love the elmo do! sgt comel ok, i org dewasa pun teruja tgk. Will keep in mind for any future orders :) aiyeeeyuuuuu!

AZRA said...

U're welcome, sistah! :) Dah plan for next year's cake?? Amboii.. planning ahead betul nih! Haha!!

Thanks for the kind words, K.Rozi & Hyldaa (& for ur keterujaan too ;p).. I hope u guys enjoyed the cake! And Hyldaa, if u have any future orders for me, well, aiyeeeyuuuuu toooooo! Hehehe..

dd said...

hihihi me n k1 teruja too.. but too bad we left early so tak dpt merasa... br ingat nk buat testimonial sbb ilie dok promote baekkk punye..anyway tastewise tak leh nk comment since tak dpt rasa but rupa-wise u'r such a talented lady.. i pun tak reti buat tu semua..
btw, nsb ada cake for idris n reza so k1 tak lah kempunan..hahaha

azra said...

Thank u. It's ok, bukan rezeki u n k1 this time.. perhaps next time u can give us ur testimonial ;)

Azrey Rozie Eiman said...

azra... leh import you ke for orderssss in JB? heheheheh

AZRA said...

Boleh courier, tapi x dijamin sampai dlm keadaan yg sepatutnya la.. Hehe.. Unless u hv your own delivery guy ;)