Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Bro's Birthday

Happy Birthday, bro!
Another year older, another year wiser.

The cake and the maker :)
Visual edited and provided by the wife.
I absolutely adore the candle!
When i first saw it, i thought.. "That's just so cute, I have to have that!".

It's not just about the cake, yes?

And this is not an attempt to promote, but my adorable nephew couldn't stop saying YUMM YUMM... (SE)DAPP... MMM... NYUM NYUM NYUM.. through out eating his cake! And i, of course couldn't resist staying glued in front of him, in awe, feeling all touched and amused at the same time and took photos of that sweet moment.

Not sure if he was just trying to pull my leg, but you know what they say about kids,

Tak puas pakai tangan, pakai garpu!
Glad someone enjoyed it :)

[Yesterday, was my late Tok Bak's birthday. He would have been 83. Al-fatihah].


Azrey Rozie Eiman said...

happy bday rizal.
azra... nice cake!
wah... khusyuknye bambam makan cake. tgk pipi bambam dah tau cake tu sure sedap!
... al-fatihah to your tok bak

AZRA said...

Thank you, K.rozie. Pipi harris tu mmg camtuh. Hehehe..


wah! kagum2! bambam sedap mkn cake he lah dh mak sdara kesayangan baker berjaya :)

AZRA said...

Takdelah baker berjaya.. Byk lg perlu di-improve. And memangla I ni mak sedara kesayangan.. I the only mak sedara, youu! Hehehe..
(Btw, ckp pasal bandung, I dah mimpi sampai sana malam tu. Siap pegi rumah u lagi! Haha.. Melampau,kan??)

dd said...

yeh at last dpt rasa cake auntie harris bam-bam... sweet but i like.. thanks ilie sbb susah2 passkan dkt org yg terliur ni..