Thursday, January 7, 2010

All good things must end.. Au revoir la France!

The last day in Toulouse..

Les Abbatoirs, the contemporary art gallery that we wanted to visit during our Saturday walk and spent some time at our favourite spot at Jardin Raymond V park - by the river after that.
Raouf, the guy at the kebab store gave us our favourite chocolate pie dessert for free!

One of the days i enjoyed the most..

Touring Les Augustine, a fine art museum by myself during the day, went for a stroll with my other half in the evening before having a nice dinner with the people from Airbus.
The museum was an old monastery which probably explains why it was darn eerie when I had lost my way and ended up at the top floor with nothing but a locked huge wooden door. I think it was the fastest I ever ran down down the stairs in my entire life! (i could hardly maintain my cool).
The picture in the far right column (3rd row from the top) is of coffin lids. I was curious as to whether they were hollow but it felt unnerving to look underneath..

Random photos during our stay..

The Capitol hall, which was immensely decorated with hand paintings! (These people really had all the time in the world to have the time to paint the whole walls and huge ceilings..). The place is now mostly used for weddings. I don;t see why it shouldn't.. it's so beautiful! And err, yeah.. $$ not so intact anymore.. did a bit of shopping there.
Another nice day.. (though it wasn't sunny)

A walk to La Garonne River and an antique market we stumbled upon on the way back to the hotel. It was on the first Saturday we came.

That's it for Toulouse.. Till next time. Au revoir la France!

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