Monday, January 11, 2010

Coach me if i'm wrong..

I'm such a sucker when it comes to versatility (or it's just one of the many justifications that i may have). Well, one thing for sure, i'm a practical gal :P
Often you hear husbands/boyfriends say we women pay so much for our handbags and they end up being underutilised. We ladies however, have our own minds about this :)
But like some of these guys, i'd calculate the "cost per use" (as one of my friend puts it) of the bags i purchased. I don't mean literally but the more expensive they are, the more i should use them (but of course, you shouldn't choose this over style. That's why it's always something classic in my case. See, practical, kan?)
No use to "sayang" materials by just keeping 'em in your storage (i used to be one of them) but then, you don't get to enjoy the stuff you buy and where's the fun in that?
And i'm no celebrity, so who cares if i'm seen with the same bag again and again?

Back to versatlity, when you can use them in so many ways, now that's like buying more than 1, right? How's that for value for money?? :D

In my search for an "affordable" basic black bag because obviously, everybody needs one, i went to have a looksee and found some at Coach.

According to some people, Coach bags are overpriced because you can get them so cheap especially in the States so when it comes to value for money, they aren't worth it. I do agree - to a certain extent.
But, sometimes i'd go against the common perception especially when i see something that i like and when it's within my reach, i say to hell with all that. Heheh.
(Plus, i always buy at discounted price anyways).

Here are some Coach finds that struck my fancy..
The Hailey Crossbody
You can wear them as a shoulder bag/sling.
Simple, practical.

Brooke large tote
(They come in medium size too but i'm a big bag person)
The short straps for hand held/carried on the elbow
And the long one for the shoulders.

Peyton leather drawstring crossbody (in melon)
Handheld/elbow & crossbody
Always a fan of the drawstring bag. And red's my favourite colour.
New arrival (so it will be some time before it goes on a discount..)

Parker small hobo
Parker hobo
Okay, these obviously are not very versatile.
But not bad for a basic black bag.
I don't mind either size.
Fancy the lilac too.. but i have to focus here.. black. Or deep brown. Yes.

Brooke large wristlet
This one, do not exactly falls under the basic black bag category but is quite versatile.
Can be transformed into a small handbag
Small bags don't really work for me but umm, sometimes you need them too..?

[I'm thinking whether to get (whichever one) maybe from Whoosh].


Anonymous said...

hihi i pun mcm suka hailey n brooke.. sbb i think i'm more to a sling bag or shoulder bag person kot..


AZRA said...

I'm slowly trying to decide but at the same time, still look for others that are more value for money (read: cheap. hehe) before i can finally decide on any of them. A nice, basic black leather bag. That's the goal. Have to keep reminding myself that! Haha.

Anonymous said...

yela totally agree wit u.

btw in case if u tak penah came accross wit this blog.. the seller selling price is quite reasonable jgk to me..
hppy searching.

AZRA said...

Will check it out. Thanks! :)

D.N.A.S said...

Coach bags are long lasting. I bought mine in March 2008 and have been using this one ever since.


nk tempah cupcakes for tis frid 22/1 ni. buleh ka?